18th Birthday Poems/Verses are ideal to use in cards, gift tags to help you make your greeting unique. These will help British visitors to say congratulations on coming of age. These are free for non commercial use and are ideal for family members and friends.

The magic is here you are now eighteen
We hope this birthday is the best you have ever seen
Because it’s special as special as you
So nothing less than perfect will possibly do
by Margmax 2012

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You are finally legal the bar staff can relax
I am sure you did not fool them with your (sister's) student pass
So today as your celebrate your 18th birthday
You better choose venues a few miles away

by Margmax

Celebrations are afoot I have no doubt
As it's that birthday when you have a big blow out
Congratulations have a wonderful time
I (we) hope your 18th birthday is just sublime

by Margmax

Well my son it's arrived at last
That milestone age has come so fast
Now you are legally allowed to vote and drink
Although the latter is not new to you I think
But now it's all legal so that's alright
You can visits bars legally and get plastered tonight

by Margmax

What happened to our little girl
Years have flew by in a whirl
Today she is old enough to vote and drink
Although the latter is not new to her we think
But now it's all legal so that's alright
She can visit bars legally and drink all night

by Margmax

the following daughter poem was written on request

A daughter is special a joy to behold
and that is you my darling (Emma) every day
that unfolds
Your birthday each year gives me the chance
to say
How much I love you and that love is here to

Today is a special birthday you have become
of age
I don’t know if I am happy about this turning of
another page
To be 18 for you is absolutely exciting and fun
but for me your mum it’s a bit worrying hun

I hope your enjoy every minute of your day
and your makeup and hair just goes your way
I hope you are happy with all the gifts you get
But if you are not well hard luck my pet

by Margmax 2014

Happy 18th birthday my friend
Tonight I will join you in partying to the end
I am sure we will have a fantastic time
Because I have already started on the wine

by Margmax

Coming of age you have waited for this day
Legally drinking partying the night away
It seems like only yesterday you were playing with your toys
Now you are all grown up and swopped the toys for boys
We wish you a life ahead that is as wonderful as can be
No matter how old you are you are still my child (grandchild) you see
4th line if verse is for boy should end swopped the toys for nights with the boys
last line child (grandchild) can be adapted to niece nephew etc.

by Margmax

Now that things are legal I bet you feel grown up
Life must seem exciting just like an overflowing cup
I hope it never changes and life continues so
And you always feel like you do today wherever your life goes

by Margmax

As you celebrate your 18th year life must seem exciting
The expectation of what life holds must be very inviting
The wishes which I send today are for a future bright
For happiness and good fortune just as you have tonight

by Margmax

Enjoy today and remember it well for it will fly away
When we are young we never see how quickly passes each day
So take a minute at memorable points to record your special times on this earth
Just as I will do today whilst remembering the day of your birth

by Margmax

18th birthday poems for a special birthday

Can it be 18 years ago since you appeared on the scene
They have went so very quickly it really is obscene
We have enjoyed every one of them we have celebrated them in style
Our tiny little baby is all grown up but today we will reminisce for a while
Happy 18th Birthday darling child

by Margmax 2011

18th Birthday poems say it for you

A milestone age you have reached today
No longer a child now 18 birthdays have sped away
I wish you a day that is wonderful and memorable whatever you do
As no-one deserves it more than you

by Margmax 2011

special words in an 18th birthday poem

Hey my friend the day is here at last
You have reached the age ain't that class
I wish you a birthday that will be a blast
Because before you know it it will be a thing of the past

by Margmax 2011

18 candles on the cake today
How those years have flown away
And everyone has been a pleasure
With lots of memories to treasure

So my darling (son/daughter/niece etc) today gives me an opportunity to let you know
The pleasure it has been to watch you grow
I wish you a birthday simply sublime
One to remember for all time

by Margmax 2012

18th birthday poems will do it for you

18 is a special birthday
So I hope it proves perfect in every way
From the moment you wake until the day is done
May you go to sleep happy and content as the setting sun

By Margmax 2012

18th birthday poems for a special wish

Special gifts and special cards all point to the fact
You have reached a milestone birthday now time to learn diplomacy and tact
No longer can you be excused for childish misdemeanors
18 becomes an age when you really have to be one of the seniors

So (Mr/Miss name)I wish for you today
A very special birthday that will be remembered in a good way
I wish for you a future that is as bright as the midday sun
Because even though childhood is behind you life can still be fun
Happy 18th Birthday

by Margmax 2012

Happy 18th birthday I am delighted to say
It is a pleasure to send you birthday wishes on your special day
I hope it is a birthday that brings you memories to treasure
With lots of birthday gifts just for good measure

by Margmax 2012

17 birthdays come and gone
Now the 18th one has come along
I hope it is as special as you
As nothing more than perfect will do

by Margmax 2012

Happy Happy Birthday I am so pleased to say
I hope this birthday is special in every single way
And when the day has ended and all the celebrations complete
I know you will remember your 18th birthday as being rather neat

by Margmax 2012

Hip hip hooray it's arrived at last
Today you have reached number 18 boy hasn't time gone fast
It seems like only yesterday when we played childish party games
Now your birthday consists of more adult things in the frame

by Margmax 2012

18th birthday poems say it in a cute way

A little bit of magic is sent within this card
A wish for a birthday that is special and for a life ahead that is not hard
18 is such a special age one that should be treasured
So all the love sent within this card simply cannot be measured

by Margmax 2012

Zippidy Dipidy do dah day
Today you have reached your 18th birthday
I hope it pans out to everything that you plan
and that you have the most splendid day that you can

by Margmax 2013

Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you
I would say it 18 times but I think two will do
This is a special birthday as special as you
So I wish for a future that is very special too

by Margmax 2013

It’s Arrived..

It’s here, yes it’s arrived -
you are now at that age so no more lies
Now you can flash that smile that says
“Yes mate I really am the right age”

You can now vote put your cross where you choose
It’s now your given right you have nothing to lose
How grown up does this make you feel?
I know it sounds a bit unreal

So here we are an adult at last
A special day indeed now your childhood is past
I wish you an 18th birthday you will remember for many years to come
and I wish you a future as wonderful as today and then some

by Margmax 2013

The following poem although written for 18th birthday poems section can be used for other birthday ages

It's Here

Pop the corks, get out the glasses
Let it be known to all the masses
You have come of age, yes today is it
So start right now and party a bit

Yes make the day the best and longest day
Because today you are (18) Whey hey
Get decked out in your smartest gear
Because it’s arrived your (18th) birthday is here

by Margmax 2013

What a wonderful age this birthday brings
Eighteen and a world ahead of wonderful things
I wish you today a fabulous birthday and life ahead
So a Very Happy Birthday no more needs to be said

by Margmax 2013

Written on request:
My darling grandchild here we are
at another milestone in life
Childhood behind you with all it’s
pleasure and strife
It has been an honour to be part of
those years seeing you grow
From a baby to the young person
we now know

As you start a new journey into the
path of college
We wish you happiness, fun and
hope you gain a bit knowledge
We wish for you to achieve all your
hopes and dreams
and you know we are always behind
you, always a member on your team

So Happy 18th Birthday to a special
girl that is you
May this day be a day you will remember
your whole life through
May the future be sparkling, exciting and
as special as today
For our darling granddaughter these
wishes are winging their way.
by Margmax 2017

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