21st Birthday poems will help you make your greetings unique and are ideal for greetings cards and gift tags. For America it is the legal age to drink and buy alcohol for Britain it is key of the door official old fashioned coming of age. So America please check out 18 birthday poems as you may find more suitable verses here.

It’s arrived, here at last
that special birthday after which time goes fast
You may think now that this is not so
But just you wait and see how fast time will now go
So enjoy your 21st birthday and celebrate it well
Because at your age celebrating is just swell
by Margmax 2012

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21st Birthday FOR AMERICA please also look at 18th birthday poems on this site as these are written with the British market in mind where 18 is the legal age to drink and buy alcohol you can substitute 21 where 18 is quoted.

21st birthday poems for the key of the door

You have reached the grand old age of twenty-one
twenty one birthdays come and gone
Twenty one is no longer the milestone of before
It's now 18 when you get the key of the door

So now you have two birthdays classed as coming of age
I am sure this one will be celebrated at a more sensible pace
So Congratulations you are now officially old
Enjoy your day every minute as it unfolds

by Margmax

Twenty one candles on the cake today
Better ask the fire service to call your way
It will be like Guy Fawkes night
But at least you won't need any lights
So as you celebrate the day- do it in style
And make it the best one yet by a mile
Happy 21st birthday

by Margmax

Twenty one wishes winging your way
For a wonderful time all through the day
And as the evening promises to be
The best night out that you ever did see

by Margmax

Twenty One what a nice age that is
No longer a youngster but still doing the biz
So let me wish you a wonderful time
Because before you know it you will be twenty nine

by Margmax

Well into the twenty's now I think
Teen years over and gone in a blink
So celebrate this occasion and mark the day
So the memory is sweet and will always stay

by Margmax

Tradition states at 21 you get the key of the door
Very old fashioned now that phase it certainly floored
Overtaken by the 18th birthday 21 is now a bit flat
But I am sure you will revive it you are good at doing that

by Margmax

Twenty one wishes sent in this card
For a wonderful day and night ahead partying hard
For a lifetime full of promises and success
That blossom to fruit and never leave a mess

by Margmax 2011

Happy birthday twenty one times
Hope it's a blast and the year ahead is fine
Twenty one wishes winging their way
All of them saying Have a Wonderful day

by Margmax 2011

I am so very glad to have this opportunity to say
A very happy twenty first birthday I wish you a wonderful day
I hope it is filled with everything you wish for
and seeing it's a special birthday let's add a bit more

by Margmax 2011

21st Birthday Poems

Twenty birthdays have now been spent
The Twenty First has arrived time to give vent
Farewell to childhood once and for all
You have reached your coming of age so just have a ball

by Margmax 2011

My darling child is now twenty one
Where have all those childhood years gone
Now a man/woman in this great universe
Life has started in earnest no more time to rehearse

As you tread the wheel of life your fortune to make
I hope we have prepared you for all life's mistakes
But today is for celebrating the future can wait
Until the candles are blown out and we have ate all the cake

by Margmax 2011

21st Birthday Poems for special birthday

A very happy 21st birthday I hope it is as special as you
That the whole day is perfect in everything that you do
And when the day is over I hope you can say
My twenty first birthday was a wonderful day

by Margmax 2012

Twenty one candles on the cake today
Twenty one wishes that it is perfect in every way
With lots of love on this special birthday
I hope it makes memories that are here to stay

By Margmax 2012

Teenage years truly bit the dust
So celebrating your 21st birthday is a must
So as we raise a glass to toast your 21st year in
We really wish for you the best life can bring

by Margmax 2012

I cannot believe this day has arrived
My little girl/boy all grown up and I have survived
Now you are no longer a child it's up to you
To make your plans and a success of what you do

So as we raise a glass in a toast to your health
I hope it includes good luck and a bit of wealth
With lots of love and best wishes on your special day
Have a wonderful time as your celebrate your 21st birthday

by Margmax 2012

I cannot believe it's here at last
Oh my goodness don't the years go by very fast
Twenty One how did you get so old
You used to be so sweet indeed as good as gold

Now here you are all grown up
So let me raise the birthday cup
To wish you well today and in the days to come
So a very happy birthday - now have some fun

by Margmax 2012

21st birthday poems

Zippidy dippidy doh dah day
A very Happy twenty first birthday
I hope it zips along real well
And your day turns out really swell

by Margmax 2012

21st birthday poems

Can't believe your 21
It seems like yesterday you were only one
A sweet little child learning life's goals
Now looking at adulthood years to unfold

I hope life holds wonderful things in store
Enough to have a good life not greedy to ask more
With good health giving you the strength to face life's tasks
On your 21st birthday this is the things I ask
Have a wonderful day

by Margmax 2012

21st Birthday Poems pick the words for you

I wish you a day that's as special as can be
Because you are a very special person as anyone can see
So as this very special birthday comes into view
I hope your 21st birthday proves a fond memory to you

by Margmax 2013

21st birthdays are a landmark in life it’s true
Which is why they are special just like you
So enjoy this milestone day make memories by the score
So in your memory you can revisit your 21st year for evermore

by Margmax 2013

The following 21st birthday poem is for the American coming of age

It’s Arrived..

It’s here, yes it’s arrived -
you are now at that age so no more lies
Now you can flash that smile that says
“Yes mate I really am the right age”

You can now vote put your cross where you choose
It’s now your given right you have nothing to lose
How grown up does this make you feel?
I know it sounds a bit unreal

So here we are an adult at last
A special day indeed now your childhood is past
I wish you an 21st birthday you will remember for many years to come
and I wish you a future as wonderful as today and then some

by Margmax 2013
written for my great niece on reaching her 21st birthday

Twenty one birthday wishes winging
their way
Everyone includes a wish for a
wonderful day
and a wish for a future as bright as the
stars in the sky up above
Adding up to a lifetime of good fortune
and plenty of love

by Margmax 2016

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