In this Age Birthday Poems section you will find poems/rhymes relating to all ages especially the decades of 30 40 50 60 70 80 many are amusing. You are welcome to use these for non commercial purposes. Please keep visiting as new ones will continue to be added.

Age is just a number who said that?
It may be a number but it matters and that’s a fact
So on your (50) birthday old man/woman let’s pretend
It’s whatever number you choose until this day comes to an end

by Margmax 2012

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James is (3) years old today
And having fun with new games to play
Nana (Grandma) and Grandad send hugs and kisses a million fold
'Cause it's not everyday your 3 years old.

by Margmax 2010
Age birthday poems

If you require a verse for a family member please view family birthday poems or for a friend check my friend birthday poems.

Many of the poems can be adapted simply by changing the age so please look at whole page. Also at the bottom of the page you will find general verses which can be applied to any age.

age birthday poems for all your special gift cards - or age birthday poems when thinking of what to say is hard

Flirty 30's

Today, as you leave your twenties behind
Old age will descend on you, we think you'll find
It's your birthday so, you deserve the truth
You're no longer in the first flush of youth
By Mr Advancing Years you've been most definitely caught
It's time to become a more sensible sort
But hey, tomorrow's soon enough to turn that page
For today drink alcohol to forget your decrepit old age

by Margmax 2009

Today you have reached a benchmark
Yes - you cannot keep it in the dark
No more childish antics it’s now time to
embrace this new age
So celebrate your new acquisition as you
turn this landmark page
As it’s no use in moaning about the decade
now gone down the pan
So drink, party and be merry - (Richard) do it
while you can
Happy 30th Birthday

by Margmax 2014

Goodness me, are you really thirty
And yet you're still flirty, dirty and shirty
I suppose now you'll have to be
More refined, not unlike me
So when we have a night out downtown
Who's got the job of playing the clown
Not us, as we need to be toeing the line
I guess it'll be someone still 29

by Margmax 2009

age birthday poems
written just for you - because age birthday poems are a thing we do

Here it is the day of all days
When your mother took to her bed and prayed
Hours later out you popped
Squawking loudly somethings never stop

Now here we are (30) years down the line
Celebrating each birthday both yours and mine
May it stay so until it’s the pension we are spending
As our friendship continues never ending

by Margmax 2011

30 is after all only one more than 29
Think of it this way and you will be fine
However when you get to 31
This thought will be dead and gone
Oh heck just enjoy your birthday
Get through the day any which way

by Margmax 2013

Age birthday poems for iconic birthdays

written for my niece

How have you got to be 30? how the years have flown
My little niece companion now has a family all of her own
We have spent many years enjoying things we have done together
So I wish you loads of happiness today and forever

by Margmax 2012

Wish I was 30 again just like you
Doing things over again whopee do
Would I change anything - you bet I would
If we could turn back time that would be good

by Margmax 2012

Reaching any "0" birthday is a milestone so this age birthday poem I have written because I feel 30 is the first age we poke fun at

Oh Yes It's Bad

Leaving your 30's is rather sad
I won't pretend it's good 'cause it's not it's bad
You can no longer get away with the excuse of youth
Oh no for you now it has to be the truth

You can no longer wear those trashy clothes
Mutton dressed as lamb is the phrase as you know
And as for all the stuff you slap on your face
This will now be classed as a big disgrace

Those heels that you strut on will be no more
Wedges and flaties so you don't end up on the floor
And as for the dye that you put on your hair
Well who's kiddin who we all know your not fair

But considering all this I am sure you will manage
To celebrate the decade without too much damage
It may take longer to get over when tomorrow arrives
But with planning an easy day I am sure you'll survive

by Margmax 2013

Please note the above can be used for other ages

Fabulous 40's

Today as you leave the 30's behind
Old age will descend on you, we think you'll find
It's your birthday so we'll tell you the truth
You're no longer in the first flush of youth
By Old Man Time you've definitely been caught
As the wrinkles appear you'll become the sensible sort
But hey, tomorrow's soon enough to turn the next page
Enjoy today and try, if you can, to forget your old age

by Margmax 2009

age birthday poems
handy or what? because age birthday poems have got the lot

Leaving your (40's) (any age can be entered) that is very sad
Can you still be one of the lads?
Can you still drink all night?
And go to work next day alert and bright?

by Margmax 2010

Age birthday poems - when you need something to say - age birthday poems do it in a nice way

40 is the new 30 - so they say
Nice way of saying your getting on by the way
Whatever you do it's harder to stay trim
For the first time in your life your trying to slim

You need more sleep than you used to do
Things you used to fit into a day now are few
A night "on the toon" now takes some organization
You used to be able to do nights without preparation

But what the heck there's nowt you can do
The birthdays keep coming that's a good job to
So on this special eventful day
"Have a nice day now enjoy it in every possible way

by Margmax 2010

Age Birthday Poems - for that special age - but use age birthday poems for any age

Flirty at (40), that's the way

what a heavenly way to spend the day

you still have what it takes, that's plain to see

so enjoy your day, fabulous ( forty) and Happy Birthday from me

Margmax 2010

Cannot believe you are forty today
I have followed you through life’s pathway
From your youth to maturity I have been there
and a friendship together I know we share

So on this milestone birthday I am delighted to say
My (young) friend A Very Happy 40th Birthday.

by Margmax 2012

Age Birthday Poems - it's what we do - we poke fun at each other and age birthday poems will do it for you

(47) My oh my how the years fly by
I remember a lad with jet black(brown/blonde) hair
Now it is peppered white - life is just not fair
I remember a lad tall and slim
Now he should be visiting the gym
I remember a lad tough and strong
Years have passed what has gone wrong?
I remember a lad who always stood by me
Some things never change - you see

by Margmax 2005

Age birthday poems for all

The final year until a new decade
Oh yes the forties soon to fade
So make the most of this 49th year
The last one until those 50's appear

by Margmax 2013

Ooh (49) today I hear
Brings the big (50) very near
I think the (50's) is a fine decade
So embrace the (50's) as the (40's) fade

by Margmax

age birthday poems to make your wishes special

Over the Hill 50's

Half century that's really old
But you are wearing well so go for gold
Have a good day and a fantastic party night
Heard you are not at work tomorrow so that's alright

by Margmax 2011

Recovering from a heavy night is not so easy now
It takes a bit more time and a bit more know how
So pace yourself at 50 things happen much much slower
But knowing the gal/guy you are bet you are still a bit of a goer

by Margmax 2012

age birthday poems do it for me

Leaving your (40's) for the next decade
Looks and figure now beginning to fade
It is enough to turn you to the drink
Wait a minute - let me think

The drink kicked in long ago
What is the next thing left to go
Teeth, eyes,the hair on your head
Life looking glum - take to your bed
But not until we get the chance to say
Happy Big (50) have a wonderful day

by Margmax 2010

Happy 50th birthday mate you must be feeling bad
Birthdays are celebrations but this one's a bit sad
Making it to half a century, well done to you
Can you make the pub tonight or is that too much to do?

If you need a lift please give us a call
Cause at your age we would not want you to fall
If you do not make it be sure that we will
We will have a drink on your behalf and leave you the bill

by Margmax 2010

The big 50, oh goodness me

 your over the hill that's plain to see

on the slippery slope, sliding to the pension

oh my god, I can feel the tension

holding back the years can't be done

so just forget it, and have some fun

by Margmax 2010

I know your not happy but there's nothing you can do
It has to be celebrated because that's what we do
Every landmark birthday has to be marked
So just accept it as a bit of a lark

Paint on a smile and don your best clothes
You may even enjoy who knows
So accept all the jibes in the fun way they're meant
Because remember every birthday we reach is heaven sent

by Margmax 2012

Age birthday poems for every special birthday

Oh my goodness you are there
50 it's not a joke, it's real, now you will need to take care
Not so nimble, things take a bit longer don't they
Well just remember and don't cram so much into a day

But today is your birthday no matter the number
So best foot forward no time to slumber
Celebrate and do it in style
Remember we are all only here for a while

by Margmax 2013

Fun at 50

Life can be fun at 50 I really know that’s true
You really are not old you just are not that new
You can do all the things you have always done
Maybe a bit slower and maybe not as much fun

So my (friend) I wish you a birthday that suits you
However you may spend it whatever you may do
This comes with lots of love and wishes by the score
That your birthday year is fantastic and then a little more

by Margmax 2013

Your score is pinned on the door
A landmark birthday you can’t ignore
So we are adding our wishes for a
day that’s sublime
Your (50th) birthday - have a wonderful

by Margmax 2014

The following was written for a 50th birthday for someone taking up golf but suitable for any age:-

We understand this is the new you
Taking up golf clubs instead of a snooker cue
The bracing fresh air will put roses in your cheeks
But hitting balls with a stick is not a pastime for the meek

So when you are struggling around the course in the wind and the rain
Remind yourself it's a pleasure you chose and you're not insane
You have reached the age that when you do stupid things
People will excuse you and put it down to an old age fling

by Margmax 2011

age birthday poems to say is in an original way

The following was written for a 50 year old biker and the picture on the card was a man on a scooter

We know you have your eyes on a new bike to ride
But getting older your capabilities could be hard to hide
So we thought we would give you a helping hand
And we have found this bike which we consider to be just the brand

We can picture you zooming around
With Maggie holding on her feet just off the ground
My what a sight to behold
A happy couple not yet too old

So let us know when the purchase has been made
So we can come and help you celebrate
But we will make a start here tonight
So Tom Happy 50th Birthday - you’re doing alright

by Margmax 2012

Sliding down the hill 60's

Think of the pluses that (60) brings
Bus passes, discounts and similar things
It is only one more than (59)
And all that year brought was a few more lines
So think of the pluses and don't make a fuss
Be happy at (60) your now one of us

by Margmax 2010

Age Birthday Poems say it for you

Although today is the dreaded big Six-O
It's your birthday and you should know
That Six-O is the new Five-O
So that's alright, you've got 10 more years to go
So today's not a day to wear a frown
It's a day to make hay and let your hair down
Just forget the number, it means nothing at all
Put on your slap and have a ball

By Margmax 2009

There may be many wrinkles than cannot be ironed out
But everyone's a story of that there is no doubt
So on this milestone birthday just think about the pluses
Lots of pensioner discounts not forgetting free travel on the buses

So welcome to the 60's my friend it's not that bad
It has it's compensations of which you will be glad
So happy (60th) birthday have a lovely day
Doing what you do best in your own special way.

by Margmax 2010

Today your 60
face it, embrace it
there’s nothing you can do about it
Positives can be found
look hard they are somewhere around
Your’e here so there’s one big plus
and it’s your birthday so folk will make a bit of a fuss
So enjoy being 60 at least for today
Because tomorrow you enter your 61st year by the way

by Margmax 2012

age birthday poems for the milestones in life

I know you feel a little sad today
You reached that age when you don’t feel like shouting hooray
But celebrate it with great vigor
Because you no longer need to watch your figure

You can eat your way through calories galore
You can dress like a slob who could ask for more
You are not expected to be always looking pristine
You can give way to your whims however extreme

So embrace the benefits that age brings
As youth has it’s problems with other things
And now that I have cheered you up a bit
Happy (60/70)th birthday you old git

by Margmax 2012

Swingin' Pensioner at 65

Today as you reach the age of 65
Celebrate with energy and show you are alive
It is no good being gloomy as the numbers accumulate
So embrace, enjoy before it is too late

By Margmax 2011

Age birthday poems will say it for you

It’s here, yes it’s arrived
the birthday that see’s you at 65
The plus that this birthday brings
Is now your state pension kicks in

So Happy Official Retirement birthday
Enjoy it in your special way...
With love

by Margmax 2013

Hello my friend welcome to your 65th year
A birthday age that we now share
We were sixteen not that long ago
Since then where did all those years go

I wish you a birthday full of all things good
And if I could turn the clock back believe me I would
But we will not be depressing hey it's your birthday
Enjoy, make it special in every possible way

by Margmax 2011

I know you are getting old my friend and maybe seeing red
But the sentiments are in this card and really do not need to be said
Toast your 65th year with a glass or bottle of wine
And we will join you in the toast when tonight we dine

by Margmax 2011

The following poem written for a friend who was weightwatching and card made reference to this

This card is designed with you in mind
I think you will understand and find
That at this time of your life
You do not want things that cause you strife
So today on your 65th birthday
Throw those telling scales away

by Margmax 2011

Could not let this (65th) birthday pass without sending my wishes you way
Hope you have a great birthday which is perfect in every way

by Margmax 2011

The following was written on request:-

Words are not enough to express all
I wish to say
As you reach this landmark birthday
on your very special day
The calendar has been marked and
the day is now here
To say John you’re 65 so your
pension gets in gear

I’ve been very blessed to have a
little brother just like you
You’re not just my brother but my
dearest friend too
So as you pursue your retirement
growing things from the land
I wish you a very happy birthday with
a day that’s simply grand

by Margmax 2014

Twixt 60 to 70

Sixty Six clickity click
Years flying by makes you feel sick
Time definitely goes faster the older you get
When we are young time is not a problem and yet
Time catches up with all of us in the end
So ignore the number and have a great birthday my friend

by Margmax 2011

age birthday poems are for special people

Another birthday has arrived at your door
Now 67 years have hit the floor
Never mind you are still around
Even if your body and mind are not quite as sound

Age can have it's compensations so we are told
Maturing like wine or a good cheese with mould
So raise your glass and toast in another year
The number cannot be changed so pretend you don't care

by Margmax 2012

Another birthday at your gate
I believe I am correct at number 68
Open the gate and welcome the new year in
Celebrate with a little drink of gin

by Margmax 2012

69 today I can hear your sigh
Yes my friend the number is getting a little high
The penultimate to the decade of 70 I know
Quite a lot of candles on your cake to blow
But ignore all the gloom and just have a good time
Because it's your birthday and you are still fine

by Margmax 2012

Age birthday poems are where you will find what to say

Bottom of the hill 70's

I can't believe it - 70 years old today
You certainly don't look it by the way
Nor do you act it you keep very fit
So keep doing what your doing as it's proving a hit

by Margmax 2011

May we be so very bold
To say you most certainly do not look 70 years old
So keep clocking them up in this way
And have a wonderful 70th birthday

by Margmax 2011

Cannot believe that seven decades you have reached today
Whatever you are doing it's working so keep it going that way
I wish you a wonderful birthday you deserve the best
And I hope that everyone that follows is better than the rest

by Margmax 2012

age birthday poems say it in an original way

Seventy birthday wishes winging their way to you
With Big Congratulations for a Wonderful day enjoying everything you do.

by Margmax 2012

Your’e looking good for your age at least to me
Mind my eyesight isn’t as good as it used to be
It must be the drink they say it preserves
But I know you just have a tipple to calm your nerves

So keep on preserving it’s doing the job well
years old and it’s hard to tell
So slick that hair and kick those heels
Because age is just as old as you feels

by Margmax 2012

A few decades come and gone
now you have reached the 7th one
Sending you wishes that the day
is wonderful in every way
Because it’s your 70th birthday.

by Margmax 2018

The following was written for a friend's 71st birthday after she had suffered a recurrence of cancer after 20 years and had a year of gruelling treatment

Your 70th year was not too kind
We hope that with your 71st you will find
A year the is one of the very best
With nothing that is sent to test
So on your birthday we are wishing you
A perfect day followed by a perfect year to

by Margmax 2012

Old but still going 80's to 100

Your such a remarkable lady
It's hard to believe today you are 80
You take pleasure from the simple things in life
May it continue so without any strife
And may today be extra special for you
Because your a special lady through and through

Margmax 2010

The days pictured on this card are long gone
But it is good for progress to move on
Not so good that time clocks up our age
But good that at 81 years old you are not in your dotage
We wish you a wonderful birthday today
And a year ahead that continues to be good in every way

by Margmax 2011

Not quite a telegram from the Queen yet
But getting quite near so I will lay a bet
You make it to that century year
With just a little bit of care

So happy (82) birthday my friend
I hope it's a good one from beginning to end
And that the year up to the next one is worry free
Because at your age that is the best present you see

by Margmax 2012

Today is your birthday (87) have gone by
Hurtling towards that century doesn't time fly

by Margmax 2011

The following written for my partner's mother who is in a home with dementia

On your 88th birthday we wish for you
A day of memories that are clear on what you liked to do

by Margmax 2012

Hope your (99) year is one to remember for all the best reasons
Happy 99 Birthday

by Margmax 2011

The following poem for a 100 birthday can be said as a toast at the birthday celebration or sent in a greeting card

You’ve made it, it’s here it’s arrived it’s true
A very special birthday for a very special you
You have witnessed so much in your lifetime
And not many folk reach your age and look so fine

Her royal majesty will be sending her congratulations
As well as lots of other folk not forgetting your relations
An achievement like this needs to be celebrated
Reaching your 100th year cannot be overrated

So dear (mother/sister etc) we raise a glass to you
To say well done and of course Happy Birthday too
You have been a wonderful (mother/sister etc) and touched so many people’s lives
So on behalf of everybody here today we are so happy you have survived
For us to say Happy 100th birthday

or last two lines if being sent by one family in a card
We are so glad you are our (mother/sister etc) and that you have survived
So that we can say today Happy 100th birthday
by Margmax 2012

Any Old Age

My friend, my pal I know your feeling blue
You have reached that certain birthday just as we all do
Age is just a number sometimes it is not kind
But when today is over I am sure you will find
All the love and wishes which were sent to you today
Were sent because your special in every single way

by Margmax 2010

Hey Girl

don't hide it, flaunt it

Life begins at any age you like

Happy Birthday

by Margmax 2010

Age is just a number we would often like to swop
But that is not possible we are stuck with what we've got
So on this monumental birthday celebrate in style
Yes celebrate with enthusiasm even if you have to rest awhile

by Margmax 2011

Birthdays come birthdays go
You have now had a few birthdays I know
And here is a wish that you have many more
Because you are a wonderful person that I simply adore

by Margmax 2011

If you could choose an age to stick at what would it be
You could test it out and if you liked it decide that is the one for me
Of course it would have some problems that you would have to override
Like wrinkles, grey hair and saying you are younger than your child
So do you feel like owning up to your birth certificate year
I think it's time to add a few because things no longer compare

by Margmax 2011

Age birthday poems where you will find what you are seeking

Birthdays can be good or can be bad
It depends on how many of them you have had
As you have had quite a few
Guess this is not a good day for you
But stop being miserable paint on a smile
Even if you feel depressed and could run a mile

by Margmax 2011

I love birthdays I do
It gives me the chance to say to friends like you
Happy Birthday and I am glad to see
You are clocking them up the same as me

by Margmax 2011

age birthday poems

My friend these birthdays seem to come too quick
I know we chose a number upon which we would stick
But I think we may have to add on a few
As folk are smiling when I troll out an age which is not new

So instead of being (39) these past ten years
Maybe we should take a good look and compare
By looking at ourselves through others eyes
And changing our age to one nobody could deny

by Margmax 2011

Pick a number one that you like
Make it believable then it will work alright
Work out the year of birth and practice it well
There you go birthday celebrations without an age that swells

by Margmax 2011

I love birthdays when they are not mine
So seeing as today it’s yours that makes it fine
Have a blast make it a day to remember all year
Because the next one is around the corner it’s just not fair

by Margmax 2011

Age birthday poems and more

The hunk on this card no longer resembles you
But never mind today you will still get a kiss or two
So Happy Birthday have a great day
Sending love and kisses your way

by Margmax 2011

Age birthday poems for all ages

Sending you wishes for a great day
Hope it’s enjoyable in every way
And as you add another year onto your age
Hope it’s a good year as each day turns it’s page

by Margmax 2011

It gives me the greatest pleasure to say
Happy birthday to you on this day
Although I am sure you feel like me
Another year older you just do not want to be
But the alternative is much worse
So welcome the birthday and this verse

By Margmax 2011

Age birthday poems make your wish stand out

No doubt today you will receive many cards referring to your age
They may be amusing or endearing or simply send you into a bit of a rage
So in this message which I am sending you no reference to age I will make
I will simply say Happy Birthday my (friend/brother etc) will all the candles fit on the cake

by Margmax 2011

Age birthday poems make your wish count

Each Year We Grow

Every age is special you know
Because each year we achieve we surely grow
We grow in all different ways; height, weight and wisdom
So as we clock up each new year we grow some

Reaching this age you should be ten feet tall
But height has stopped and bits have started to fall
Never mind I am sure it's all now in your brain
You must be so so wise shame the memory is on the wain

So celebrate every birthday welcome the new age in
Because every one is special you will never be that age again
So let me take this opportunity to say
A very happy (?) birthday - have a wonderful day

by Margmax 2012

age birthday poems are all the rage

We have reached that time of year once more
To add another one onto your score
We hope the year turns out to be
A one that you have been pleased to see

by Margmax 2013

Memories are precious and we think of them more the older we get
In quiet moments out they pop making us smile and making us fret
But birthdays are a celebration of another year achieved
So today think happy thoughts of the new age you have received

by Margmax 2013

Happy birthday you old thing.....
Now let me think what does this birthday bring
A new decade indeed you have entered mine
Never mind console yourself with a bottle of fine wine

by Margmax 2013

Birthdays become less fun the older we become
It’s life, it’s what happen’s since life begun
So don’t waste time fretting at the number you’ve landed on
Just celebrate while you can shout Bingo at each one

by Margmax 2013


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