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Angels are a mystery to me
I am not sure if I believe you see
But maybe our angels are good human folk
Doing good deeds out of love not as a joke
by Margmax 2012

Do you speak to your guardian angel and does he reply
Or is it your imagination upon which you rely
I have heard many stories of angels saving peoples lives
I am sure there is something they cannot all be telling lies

So I talk and write to angels when I am feeling stressed
I am not sure if they hear me or if they just do what they think best
I will continue to keep an open mind I think that you should
Because the universe has many mysteries some bad some good

by Margmax 2011

As a child you were an angel a delight to behold
And you have never altered you are still as good as gold
So today on your (birthday) (communion) etc we (I) am delighted to say
We (I) hope the day is golden and blessed all the way

by Margmax 2011

On the day that you were born I said a little prayer
To ask my guardian angel to help me take care
And every year on this day I repeat my request
To continue watching over you and I know he does his best

by Margmax 2011

Do you believe in angels? many do
I have heard lots of stories of angels guarding you
I have a friend who asks her angel for help which seems to work
The results seem to show that her angel listens and does not shirk

So I try to do the same and follow her advice
But maybe I am not meant to have an angel who is nice
Or maybe I just do not see when they are there
Maybe I am not observant but I do really care

I am rather nervous to see an angel may cause me stress
So maybe that is the reason they leave me alone when I am in a mess
So have you seen an angel or do you just trust they are there?
Doing God’s bidding his little disciples who dish out his care

by Margmax 2011

Angel poems for inspiration

Angels shining bright above
Looking after us and sharing their love
May your angel always look after you
Not just today but your whole life through

by Margmax 2011

We see pictures of angels all the time
With shining halo's and wings looking sublime
If you believe they are here to watch over you
I am sure it has an effect on the things that you do
So as it's your birthday just want to say
I am sure your angel will understand if you have a alcoholic day

by Margmax 2011

When you were born I asked the angels to watch over you
My child, my life I wanted you guarded your whole life through
I still say that prayer every year on your birthday
My darling child I love your more every day

by Margmax 2012

I have heard it said when you are feeling low
Your angel will leave a white feather just to show
That you are not alone you have an angel watching over you
Guarding and protecting everything that you do

I am not disbelieving I am sure for some folk it is so
But it has never happened to me and I have often been very low
So maybe not everyone has an angel of their own
So if you have one maybe I could have a loan

by Margmax 2012

Angel Poems for your little angel or angel poems just for your own thoughts

I have asked the Angels to look after you
To watch over all the things which you do
I have said this little prayer since the day that you were born
I am sure they will arrange shifts to cover night to dawn

Now that you are no longer a child you may think I have given up
But life does not cease to be dangerous just because you are no longer a pup
So I still say my little prayer to the Angels every night
It comforts me to know they are there making things alright

by Margmax 2012

Angel poems for angels everywhere

Do the angels hear us? I really hope they do
It's nice to think they are there looking after you
It's nice to share your worries because we all have those
They say there is an angel assigned to guard you very close

So I hope your guardian angel is always looking after you
That he never desserts you no matter what you do
and should you feel the need to feel him close by you
Please try talking to him you never know it may help you through

by Margmax 2013

An Angel Plus Perks

I would like to think we have our own angel from the day that we are born
Who guides and protects us every day from dusk to dawn
I hope that your angel is looking out for you
Guiding and protecting all the things you do

Maybe we need to earn the rights to have an angel close to us
I would really like to know how this works - maybe I should make a fuss
If I should be so fortunate to find out how this works
I will send you an angel of your own and request a a few perks

by Margmax 2013

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