Apology verses/poems are an ideal way of saying sorry in a novel but sincere way. Using these verses in a greeting card will enable the recipient to think about what you have said therefore paving the way ahead for your next meeting. You could also use these to accompany a gift.

Alright I’m sorry what more can I say
I did not mean to hurt you so are we now OK
I miss you and I want you back into my life
So please give me a ring - preferably tonight
by Margmax 2012

Sorry if I hurt you I really did not mean to
I know you are upset and I am upset I upset you
Please accept my apologies you are my dearest friend
Just tell me what I need to do to make amends

by Margmax 2011

I opened my mouth and look what I done
I upset my best friend when we were out having fun
Drink played it's part but that is no excuse
I should be more controlled instead of trying to play a ruse

Can you please forget it happened I would be so glad
If it meant the end of our friendship that would be so sad
Can we meet up for a drink - a coffee I mean
As I think alcohol would not be the right scene

by Margmax 2011

Things happen and they should not I know
Life is not all sweetness and light it has it's highs and lows
I am sorry for what happened and for my part I want to say
Please say you can forgive me I am so upset for that day

by Margmax 2011

This little card which I am sending to you
Includes something that you cannot view
And that is how sorry I am for hurting you
It was unkind and I never meant to

by Margmax 2011

We all say things that are unfair
And so it seems we do not care
It really is we just do not think before we speak
We are all human and so often weak
So if I said things that upset you
Please know I never meant to

by Margmax 2011

If saying sorry is not enough please tell me what I can do
You mean so very much to me I cannot bear the fact that I have hurt you
So please know I am sorry a million times and more
Apologies are not easy to make forgive me I implore

by Margmax 2011

Apology Verses for when you were wrong

I am sorry, I really am
I know I just bulldozed in like a tram
Please forgive me for being so blunt
I really did not mean it, it was a silly stunt

by Margmax 2012

We all make boo boo's at sometime
So please forgive the one which was mine
It was a silly thing to do (say) I know
I will learn my lessons the older I grow

by Margmax 2012

I would say I am sorry one hundred times or more
But I am sure you would get tired and my throat would get sore
So can you please accept it when I say it here and now
I really am very sorry and I do not want a row

by Margmax 2012

apology verses we all need to say sorry at sometime

I am very sorry but what can I do?
How can I show I really did not mean to offend you
Would it help if I bought you flowers or chocolates as a gift?
If it would show I mean it then I will to heal any rift

by Margmax 2012

Apology Verses say it in an original way

Sorry is a small word but often very hard to say
But I will say it over and over if it helps in anyway
I really am not sure exactly what I did to offend you
But I cannot bear it any longer so whatever it takes I will do

by Margmax 2012

I am sending this card as a bridge I hope we can cross
I really do not want to fall out and find our friendship at a loss
So can we forget it ever happened and turn another page
It would be such a shame to continue all this rage

by Margmax 2012

apology verses for when you are sorry

This little card has a big message inside
It holds emotions and feelings I just cannot hide
You are so very dear to me and I value our relationship
So please please forgive me I would not want to spoil it

by Margmax 2012

You are my dearest friend who I love I really do
And I cannot bear the thought that I have hurt you
Please tell me how I can make things right again
Can you do it quickly and release me from this pain

by Margmax 2012

Okay I have boo booed I admit my mistake
Please forgive me I will do anything it may take
To have our relationship back where it belongs
So I am sorry and I admit I was wrong

by Margmax 2012

I was wrong and I am sorry and I miss you so
Please forgive me come back we cannot let this love go
I love you so much you are my lover and friend
This disagreement should not make this union end

Do you miss me as much as I miss you
Please give me a call and tell me you do
My heart is aching the pain is too much to bear
Please get in touch I know that you care

by Margmax

Apology Verses for when you need them

I'm sorry, I'm sorry how many times can I say
If it will help at all I will say sorry every day
Can we put it behind us and just move on
I hate the fact that from my life you are gone

So please will you try to forget that I upset you
I really don't know much more I can do
So please say you are still my friend
and that this situation is now at an end

by Margmax 2013

I made a mistake can we take it as read
I won't do it again so really no more to be said

by Margmax 2013

Nobody is perfect we all make mistakes
I really am sorry and will do what it takes
To prove I mean it I really do
So please say I am forgiven I really did not mean to hurt you

by Margmax 2013

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