Aunt and Uncle Poems are free verses for non commercial use which are suitable for greeting cards and gift tags. These poems/verses will help you to say special unique things to your favourite Aunt or Uncle

I am so glad you are related to me
I could not have chosen anyone better you see
You always make time when I need you to
So I will always make time aunt/uncle for you
by Margmax 2012

As aunt's go your really tops
Lots of fun and help your top of my pops
So today as you celebrate in style
Have a day that is best by a mile

by Margmax

Auntie you are really nice I love you
You play with me and take me to good places to
Mammy says you spoil me quite a bit
But that's alright because I love it

Today Mammy says we must spoil you
Because it's your birthday and there is things to do
We are going shopping to get you a gift
She gave me some money but I will keep a little bit

I know you will not mind if I get a toy as well
It will be our secret and I know you will not tell
I will give you a hug and birthday kisses
And help you blow out the candles when you make your wishes

by Margmax

Auntie I have made you a birthday cake
It's got icing, ribbon and candles which mammy helped me make
You may need me to help you a bit
'Cause there is lots of candles to be lit

by Margmax

You have been in my life forever
And I know you will support me whatever
So on your birthday this card is simply to say
I love you aunt Mary have a wonderful day

by Margmax

aunt and uncle poems for some of your favourite people

You are not my only Aunt this is true
But you know you are my favourite and I love you
So have a great day you deserve a birthday treat
So I hope you get one and your birthday is neat

by Margmax 2012

Aunt and Uncle Poems make them feel special

When I feel mum would not understand me
Then it’s you Aunt (Mary) whom I come to see
I appreciate your words of wisdom you always know the right thing to do
I know that I can always dear Aunt depend on you

by Margmax 2013

This little gift is simply to say
Dear Aunt and Uncle have a lovely day

by Margmax 2012

Dear Aunt and Uncle it is so nice to have you around
So especially for you this small gift I have found

by Margmax 2012

Auntie (Millie) you are a star
the best auntie by far
When I cannot persuade mam
and dad
I ask you and receive - now that
ain’t bad

You spoil me I know but it’s really
You are my aunt, my friend and my
So today as it’s your day I want to say>
I love you so much have a great day

by Margmax 2015

Uncle you are the best
I know this as I have often put you to the test
You are a great stand in for my dad
Now that must be a compliment that is not bad
But today is all about you so enjoy your birthday whatever you do
With lots of love from your favourite nephew

by Margmax

I have a few Uncles this is true
But as you know my favourite one is you
You play with me and take me to places new
You are a great male model and I enjoy being with you
Today I send you lots of love and best wishes
For a birthday that scores goals without any misses

by Margmax

When I need a helping hand
I know just the best person in the land
Yes it is always you that I seek out
My Uncle (Fred) without a doubt
So today I am pleased to be able to say
A Very Happy Birthday - have a fabulous day

by Margmax

Aunt and Uncle Poems because they are important

Uncle Fred your my top man
You have always helped me as much as you can
I am proud to say we are related it's true
Because I am so very proud of you
Have a great birthday big man

by Margmax 2011

Happy Birthday my uncle and my friend
Hope your day is great from beginning to end
No one deserves these wishes more than you
So Have a great day with love from your nephew

by Margmax 2012

No-one has an uncle as wonderful as mine
Whatever he does he does it really fine
He's always there when you need him to be
Every one should have an uncle (Bill) like me

by Margmax 2013

Uncle (Bill) you are an outstanding man
Making yourself available and helping out where you can
I think you know how important your are to us
Quietly doing what you do without any fuss

by Margmax 2013

Uncle Fred you are my rock - dependable you
I always know you will show me the right thing to do
When I am in a turmoil and cannot work out the best way to go
After a chat with you I get my mojo

by Margmax 2013

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