Baby Poems

Baby Poems brings you short verses ideal for greeting cards or gift tags to say congratulations on the birth of a new baby boy or girl to parents and grandparents and adoptive parents . These are free for non commercial use.

Waiting is over babies here at last
You must be very happy waiting time is past
Now you have your addition to your family
You can settle with your little boy/girl very happily
by Margmax 2012

Your little one has arrived at last you must be really proud
You now have moved from being (2) to being a little crowd

by Margmax 2011

Your little one has arrived at last
you must be really proud
You now have moved from being two
to being a little crowd

No doubt you will have some
tears but also much joy
A darling little girl - sister to your
lovely boy

This card comes with love and
wishes by the score
For a wonderful future for your
family of four

by Margmax 2015

Your new baby boy/girl is here
So let us put out the flag
Congratulations mum and dad
I bet your Oh so so glad

by Margmax 2011

baby poems for that special event

Welcome to sleepless nights and busy days
I'm sure by now you're in quite a daze
With the arrival of your baby girl
Life must now be in a constant whirl

by Margmax 2011

Congratulations to mummy and daddy on the arrival of your baby boy
I(we) hope your little one brings you lots of love, harmony and joy

by Margmax 2011

A baby boy/girl how cute you must be very happy
I (we) wish you well today and through the years of bottles and nappies

by Margmax 2011

for Grandparents

Congratulations on becoming grandparents you must be oh so glad
And we (I) know you will be a hugh support to your grandson/daughter mum and dad

by Margmax 2011

Baby Poems to mark the special event

A new baby in the family you must be very proud
I (we) are sure you are celebrating and shouting it out loud

by Margmax 2011

Congratulations Grandma - a baby boy
Lots more effort than the girls but still the joy
The toys will be different but the love just the same
So enjoy your grandson who is waiting for a name

by Margmax 2011

The following ideal for adoption

Your special bundle of joy is here at last
As parents your role now is cast
Your little boy/girl could not have been granted a better pair
As a family you now have many happy times ahead to share

by Margmax 2011

You have both waited so long for this day
Now the time has arrived and your child is here to play
You're are now a family instead of a pair
May you have wonderful times ahead to share

by Margmax 2011

That longed for day is now here
Gone are the years of anguish and fear
The child you have wished for all this time
Has arrived to share your life now everything is fine

by Margmax 2011

The waiting is over your baby has arrived
I am sure you felt it would never come and you would never survive
Congratulations and best wishes for the days that lie ahead
Your tiny bundle is here now and there is no more to be said

by Margmax 2012

Twenty tiny fingers twenty tiny toes
It is a wonderful event in life as everyone knows
Your baby has arrived now congratulations to you all
You must feel Oh so proud and walking Oh so tall

by Margmax 2012

I as asked to make a card and verse on the birth of Quads as apparently you cannot purchase greeting cards in shops for Quads

I tried to purchase a baby card
I looked around very hard
But not many folk have babies in multiples of four
So well done to you both on having 4 girls to adore

by Margmax 2012

Grandparents are very important you know
Essential to new parents until their offspring grow
So enjoy your baby minding I know you will do it with love and care
And your new grandson will prosper within the family that you share

by Margmax 2012

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