Baby Shower Poems and verses are written to thank the host for the evening and to wish her well for the pending birth and for the host to thank the guests for their presence and their presents.

Babyshowers are a fun and happy event
to prepare for the baby is the intent
So here we have invites and thankyou’s
Especially designed for these little do’s
by Margmax 2012

I am so pleased to be included in your celebration
Would not miss my chance to pass on my congratulation
I hope your pregnancy is a time to be enjoyed
As you eagerly await the birth of your little girl or boy

By Margmax 2011

The time is here at last you must be oh so happy
It will not be long now until you are surrounded by nappies
I hope you enjoy this spell looking forward to the day
When you hold your child in a mother’s special way

By Margmax 2011

Bottles, Nappies, toys and other mess
Do you realize the future heading for stress
Your perfect home will be no more
You do know what you now have in store

Spills on those carpets chips out of chairs
Always on the go up and down the stairs
But when you look at your sleeping little child
All is forgotten the love you cannot hide

by Margmax 2011

My baby is having a baby Oh my God
Me, a gran, now that could be hard
But I will be there for the birth without any doubt
And when my grandchild is born you will hear me shout

by Margmax 2011

Me a Gran can you believe it?
But I have made my plans bit by bit
So my darling daughter(in law) don’t you fret
I will be the best babysitter that you will ever get

So you enjoy your time waiting for the day
I will do my bit in a granny’s way
And when your little darling is giving you a hard time
I will be your back up until everything is fine

by Margmax 2011

My friend you have joined the club at last
Soon your days will pass far too fast
There will be more chores than hours in the day
And all of those hours worked without any pay

But there is a reward there to be seen
A bit of both of you a little human bean
So when you are exhausted at the end of each day
Look at your sleeping child and the pain will go away

By Margmax 2011

baby shower poems for the coming event

Baby Gift Thank you’s

Thank you for coming to my shower I loved it
And thank you for the gift towards the baby’s kit
Babies sure need a whole lot of stuff
So I am very lucky I have friends who care enough

by Margmax 2011

I am so very glad you made it to my do
And your wonderful gift was very kind to
I really enjoyed all my friends being there
It was so very nice to know so many people care

by Margmax 2011

Thank you, thank you I cannot say it enough
I have been very lucky to receive so much stuff
The gifts were delightful but so was the night
Having all the girls there was a bit of alright

So please accept this as a personal note
Your a wonderful (pal/sister etc) and certainly have my vote
Your gift was appreciated more than you will know
And the party was fantastic from the word go

by Margmax 2011

Thank you for the night it was devine
and thank you for the gift which was sublime

by Margmax 2011

baby shower poems for the mum to be

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