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You know me I’m always late
Behind with everything - never know the date
But that’s no excuse for forgetting your special day
I am very sorry Happy Birthday by the way
by Margmax 2012

I have just opened my diary and looked at the date
Shock! struck me as to wish you birthday greeting I am late
My (friend) please forgive me I am so bereft
You are so very important to me - how could I forget

by Margmax

It is a hard job to remember every important date
I know that's a lame excuse for this card being late
But better late than not at all my (friend) I hope you agree
So a ton of late birthday wishes enclosed here to you from me

by Margmax

I am sometimes a scatterbrain I acknowledge that
So can you please forgive me I will wear a dunces hat
Loads of birthday wishes are enclosed in this card and I am so sorry it is late
I really really mean them I want you to know and next year I will try hard to hit the right date

by Margmax

I knew it was your birthday I planned it for a long time
Purchased the card and the gift so everything was fine
Then the budgie escaped from it's cage and was chased by the cat
The cat followed it next door where their dog pounced and that was that
If you do not believe me and think it's a tall tale
Well how about I am sorry - and next year I will try not to fail

by Margmax

It's late, I know, I am sorry but think of it this way
I am not late just early by (364) days

by Margmax

I'm sorry, it's late and it is an important date
Because you are so important to me so please forgive this sinner

by Margmax

I'm late I'm late for a very important date
Can you please forgive me? are you still my mate?
I really must get organized look at my diary every day
A Happy Belated Birthday what more can I say

by Margmax 2011

I mixed up my dates and now I am so sad
How could I get your birthday wrong I am so very mad
Can I make it up to you when we next go out
I will make sure your's is a double when it's my shout

by Margmax 2011

The next 2 are good if you want to replace a belated card with a small gift

Oh dear me what can I do?
The date slipped past and I forgot about you
Sending a card seems futile now it's past
So please accept this token because I have remembered at last

by Margmax 2012

I admit it, I forgot the days go so fast
But now I have remembered and I have took action at last
A card seems pointless when your birthday has bit the dust
So please accept this gift with apologies from us

By Margmax 2012

Birthdays come birthdays go it happens very fast
But to realize I forgot yours - I really am aghast
Please accept my apologies it really was remiss
And when I next see your I will apologise with a big kiss

by Margmax 2012

Here it is a special card that's why it's a wee bit late
It's for a very special person so no I did not forget the date
It just took me a wee bit longer to find the right greeting card
Oh yes you may look and think I did not try very hard
But it's sent with lots of love all the way from me to you
So I hope your birthday was a whizz and this will really do

by Margmax 2012

Belated Birthdays when you have missed the birthday belated birthdays is the way to go

I hate it when you receive birthday cards after the event
So you may think I have forgotten and a birthday card I have not sent
But you just cannot rely on the post they get it so wrong
Which is why I have brought my wishes personally along

by Margmax 2013

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