Birthday Flower poems and verses are the ideal solution to your gift problem. How often do we buy flowers as a gift? Often I would say but did you know that every birthday of the month has a flower to represent it so I have written a poem for each flower. Why not give or include the recipient's birth flower in your bouquet and accompany this with a gift or greeting card bearing the unique and special poem written for their birth month. This will make your flowers special and are all free for non commercial use.

Find the birth flower for the recipient
Include the poem and the card with flowers given or sent
If the flower you require is not in season
Silk or paper would then be the choice for a reason
by Margmax 2012

Birthday Flower

JANUARY - Carnation

Carnation is the flower for January birthdays
A beautiful flower in so many ways
It smells just as nice as it looks
An ideal choice for you in my book

by Margmax 2011

FEBRUARY - Iris and Violet

February can be a dismal month of the year
Dark days and nights and weather unfair
But your birthday flower is cheerful and bright
Iris and Violet, like you, is a spring delight

by Margmax 2011

MARCH - Daffodil

The month of March heralds the start of Spring
Marked by the bright yellow daffodil which is just the thing
It’s vivid and bright and reminds me of you
Simply no other flower for your birthday will do

by Margmax 2011

APRIL - Daisy and Peonies

The flower for April is small and cute
Daisy and Peonies you certainly suit
They remind me of you colourful and bright
So my birthday choice is made I hope it is right

by Margmax 2011

MAY - Lily and Lily of the Valley

Lily and Lily of the Valley is a popular choice of brides
So as a May birthday flower I am sure it is no surprise
That it is often chosen on your birthday as a gift especially for you
Because it is regal and elegant and smells very nice to

By Margmax 2011

JUNE - Rose

Roses are the flowers of love as everyone knows
So how lucky to have a June birthday to receive a birthday rose
I am sure you have received many as each birthday appears
Because your are a lovely person who everyone holds dear

by Margmax 2011

JULY - Delphinium

Tall and majestic the Delphinium stands proud
It can grow very tall so stands out against the crowd
To have such a flower to mark your July birthday
Should not be forgotten in all of your bouquets

by Margmax 2011

AUGUST - Dahlia and Gladiolus

What a choice to have as your birthday bouquet
Dahlia’s come in such varieties and last many a day
They can be very big or they can be very small
An ideal gift for you because like you they have it all


Dame Edna just loves them and I am sure you do to
Gladioli one of your birthday flowers how lucky are you
Adding beauty to a bouquet or regal on their own
Supportive, steady and pretty just right for you alone

By Margmax 2011

SEPTEMBER - Aster or Forget-me-not

Aster and Forget-me-not a late summer flower for you
Just as September’s sapphire birthstone your flower is also blue
But delicate and pretty it matches you just fine
A perfect posy or in your garden catching the sunshine

by Margmax 2012

OCTOBER - Calendula (aka Marigold)

Calendula or the Marigold as it is commonly known
Brightens up October month it can stand out on it’s own
It’s vivid orange colour reminds me of sunshine
Which is why it is just perfect for for the wonderful (wife/friend/etc) of mine

By Margmax 2011

NOVEMBER - Chrysanthemum

The dark days of November are hard to bring a cheer
So it’s only the sturdy Chrysanthemum that will do the trick I fear
Reliable, dependable, attractive just like you
Definitely your birthday flower no other one will do

By Margmax 2011

DECEMBER - Poinsettia, Holly, (Narcissus, Paperwhite)

Poinsettia, Holly and Narcissus peeping through the snow
It’s wonderful to have flowers that in the winter grow
They bring colour to dark days and cheer up the gloom
In fact they remind me of you as you brighten any room

By Margmax 2011

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