Birthday Love Poems and verses for greeting cards and gift cards. Tell your other half how much they mean to you on their birthday by using these unique free verses.

Today gives me the opportunity to say
I love you more day by day
So a wonderful birthday I wish for you
and I will make sure I enjoy it too
by Margmax 2012

I know I do not tell you all the time
How glad I am that you are mine
But today on your birthday I hope you can see
How very much you mean to me

by Margmax 2011

My darling love on this, your special day
I search for words to tell you in a special way
No one else has made me feel like this before
I love you so much I could not love you more

by Margmax 2011

Hey beautiful lady this is your day
So everything we do today is done your way
No argument or fuss from me
Just decide what you want and wait and see
Happy Birthday my love

by Margmax 2011

It is your special day my wonderful girl
I promise from start to end it will be a whirl
I have planned all the things you like to do
So get yourself sorted put on your best shoes

by Margmax 2011

Today as it’s your birthday it gives me the chance to say
How much I love you more with each passing day
I hope your day is perfect and I will try and make it so
From the moment it starts until the moment it has to go

By Margmax

I am so glad that you are my man
I love you so I am your number one fan
So on this day the day that you were born
I will try and make it perfect from the moment that it dawns

by Margmax

I am so lucky to have a partner like you
To share my days my whole life through
Your birthday gives me the chance to let you know
How much I love you and love just continues to grow

by Margmax 2011

birthday love poems for the love in your life

I am so glad to have this chance today
To tell you how much you mean to me in every way
Since the day I met you I knew we would be together forever
I have never felt like this about anyone before - honestly never

So my darling I am delighted to say
A very happy birthday have a wonderful day
I will try my very best to make it as wonderful as you
My wonderful partner I love you - I really do

by Margmax 2012

Love has it's up and it has it's downs
It makes us smile and it makes us frown
But today I will try to ensure a day full of smiles
Because on your birthday there should be no frowns

by Margmax 2012

Love is like a flower beautiful but delicate
So it take's careful handling to ensure you look after it
You are my delicate flower and I love you so
So I will nurture and care for you and watch that love grow

My darling darling girl/boy on this your special day
I hope I can make it so perfect in every single way
A thousand birthday kisses are hidden in this card
I hope your day is perfect because I have tried very hard

by Margmax 2012

Birthday love poems say it in rhyme

I love you, I love you how much can I say
My love just grows day on day
I want to spend my life with you
No-one else will simply do

So your birthday is the opportunity for me to say
I celebrate that you were born this day
So Happy Birthday my lover and my friend
Have a perfect day from beginning to end

by Margmax 2013

If you do no find anything which suits you from the above please have a look at husband/wife birthday poems which can be adapted to suit your needs.

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