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Are you ready for Christmas time?
Have you done all your shopping food and wine?
Whatever the state you are in now
I am sending wishes that your Christmas is a wow
by Margmax 2012

Presents wrapped and under the tree
Food and drink arranged for everybody
Kids tucked in bed in their new PJ’s
We are set for one of the best Christmas Days
Wishing you a wonderful holiday
With good things all the way

by Margmax 2011
I wish you a Merry Christmas I really do
And a wonderful New Year I wish for you to
This time of the year gives me the chance to say
To all my friends, I love you, have a wonderful day

by Margmax 2010

Christmas is the time of year when we get the chance to say
To all our friends and family and those living far away
We hope your Christmas is magical we really really do
And that the New Year ahead brings all you want it to

by Margmax 2010

cute Christmas poems for the cute time of year

Tinsel twinkling, fairy lights blinking
Worn out from the preparation and thinking
Then the countdown is over at last
It’s Christmas day so have a blast

by Margmax 2011

Christmas Tree and Christmas lights
Very soon it will be Christmas night
And my wish for you at this time
Is that your Christmas turns out really fine

by Margmax 2011

Santa working hard his job is almost done
Christmas preparation complete now it's time for fun
So here are wishes that your Christmas is the very best
Full of all you hoped for better than all the rest

by Margmax 2011

Merry Christmas Merry Christmas especially to you
I (we) hope you have a good one all the way through
Then when it is over my (our) wishes go on
For a great New Year that lasts the whole year long

by Margmax

This is my personal poem which I will be sending on 2011 Christmas cards

It's that time of year again when we make the effort to say
To all our friends and loved ones we wish you a very Happy Christmas Day
Then when all the festivities are over and the New Year dawns once more
May the New Year be a good one with only wonderful things in store

by Margmax 2011

Christmas time is here once more
Hoping it holds good things in store
And wishing you a Christmas that is blessed
A one that shines out better than all the rest

by Margmax 2012

Sending you wishes straight from the heart
For a Christmas that is perfect right from the start
For a New Year that is simply the best
A year that surpasses every single test

by Margmax 2012

Cute Christmas poems for Santa time

The magic of Christmas is all around
You can see it and hear it I love the sound
Little bells tinkling and carols galore
I wish you a Christmas that you will adore

by Margmax 2012

The decorations all hung and presents all wrapped
Christmas on the horizon all over the map
Worldwide folk are planning in a similar way
Their version of the perfect Christmas Day

by Margmax 2012

Christmas has arrived as it does every year
So here is my greeting card to show you that I care
Once again I wish you season greetings for the Christmas time
I hope you have a good one washed down by fine wine

by Margmax 2013

Christmas card oh Christmas card here you are once more
Sending out your wishes to people near and far
So here is my greeting I am sending by the score
But if the cost of postage keeps on rising next year you will only receive one if I can deliver it by car

by Margmax 2013

Santa Claus will soon be here
Bringing lots of Christmas cheer
So here’s our Christmas wish to you
Have a wonderful day and New Year to

by Margmax 2013

Christmas tree sparkling bright
Very soon it will be Christmas night
So once again our wishes are sent your way
For a very special Christmas day

by Margmax 2013

It’s that time of year once more
When yuletide is knocking at your door
So once again we are sending wishes to you
For a splendid Christmastime enjoying whatever you choose to do

by Margmax 2013

Cute Christmas Poems to make your Christmas greeting cute

It's family time it's Christmas
time so here we go once more
Tree decorated, presents wrapped
food all bought from the store

Every year I do the same preparing
for Christmas day
I am sure I am not alone and every
housewife does the same in her own way

So once you have your chores done
and Christmas day is bearing down
I wish you a very Merry One without a
single frown

by Margmax 2014

Christmases Gone By
Each Christmastime I think of
Christmases gone by
When the children were small and their
excitement brought a tear to my eye

Now I am doing it all over but with
my grandchildren by my side
Looking on as my child has a tear they
cannot hide

Christmases come around more quickly the
older you become
But being a grandparent gives you a second
chance of fun

by Margmax 2014

Christmas is a magical time
you can feel it in the air
That's why we share this feeling
to show how much we care
So have a magic Christmas a one
that twinkles all the way
From all at my house to your house
We wish you a wonderful Christmas day

by Margmax 2014

May the magic that is Christmas
work it's spell on you
May the day be extra special
whatever you may do

by Margmax 2014

Here we are Christmas time once more
Santa Claus will soon be knocking at
the door
Sending wishes that your Christmastime
is sparkling like fairy lights
and the New Year ahead has good things
in sight

by Margmax 2015

It's Christmas time once more
Yes Santa will soon be knocking at
your door
But before he arrives we would
like to say
Merry Christmas, enjoy, have a
wonderful day....

by Margmax 2016

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