Driving Test poems and verses for greeting cards. Getting through the driving test is one of the hardest tests you face so send your family and friends congratulations in an amusing and unique way. Here you will find a selection of verses to help you achieve this and these are free for non commercial use.

You’ve succeeded - passed the dreaded test
All that study and practice that you did with zest
It’s now paid off you can be mobile it’s true
Once you have the funds now it’s up to you
by Margmax 2012

You have sweated and struggled but got there at last
You now have that piece of paper to say that you have passed
Now all the cash can go towards the purchase of a car
That is a much better use than the cost of lessons by far

by Margmax 2011

You have passed, you have done it hip hooray
Now there will be no stopping you driving night and day
No more waiting for someone to sit by your side
Now you can drive alone and take anyone for a ride

by Margmax 2011

It has been an upward journey but you are now top of the hill
Got that piece of paper that that lets you drive at will
So enjoy your excursions now you are on the roads
You can drive where you want to and carry heavy loads

by Margmax 2011

How much has it cost my (son/daughter) I dare not calculate
To get that license to drive has been a very long wait
Now comes the worry of you on the road alone
We(I) will worry when you are out - thank goodness for mobile phones

by Margmax 2011

We are glad that you have been successful in passing your automobile test
But will we now be happy and will we have a rest
Our bank balance will be healthier but our car will suffer we fear
Because until you (or we) can get your own car ours is in your sights we fear

by Margmax 2011

Sister (brother) dear congratulations to you well done
You have passed you are now an official driver - now we can have some fun
Lifts no longer have to depend on the generosity of mom and dad
Now you have your own set of wheels lifts galore - that can’t be bad

by Margmax 2011

Throw away those L plates the day is here at last
You have finally done it the driving test is now a thing of the past
There now will be no stopping you at home you will never be
You will be on the highways because your now a car driver you see

by Margmax 2011

Congratulations, well done to you
No more L plates now you can drive whenever you want to
So happy motoring I hope it gives you endless fun
Now all the learning is over so once again well done

by Margmax 2011

The day is here arrived at last
You have done all the training it will soon be past
Keep calm and do the best that you can
And hopefully all will go to plan
The "L" plates you will need no more
You will be able to drive yourself from door to door

By Margmax 2011

Driving Test - out the way

Simply wanted to wish you good luck in your test
I hope you are successful but just do your best
And if you are unlucky this time and the result is no
Do not be despondent because you can have another go

by Margmax 2011

What about Good Luck wishes for sitting driving test?

This card is simply to say
We wish you luck on sitting your driving test today
We know you have worked hard to prepare for this test
We hope it pays off and you pass so you can have a rest

by Margmax 2012

Good luck - we wish you well
We hope in this test you really excel
That you are able to throw away those "L" plates
So you can drive yourself when you have a date

by Margmax 2012

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