Family Birthday Poems and verses will enable you to personalise your messages to each member of your family and are ideal for greeting cards and gift tags. So make your mother, father, grandmother, grandfather daughter, son, sister,brother, cousin, god daughter or godson feel special

Having words especially written for you
Is a very nice thing someone can do
So why not find a verse that suits your need
I am sure your loved one will be pleased indeed
by Margmax 2012

family birthday poems

In this section I have composed poems/verses which relate to all the main members of the family e.g. mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter, grand daughter, grandson, grandparents, aunt & uncle niece & nephew, cousin and Goddaughter & Godson. these are free for your non commercial use the terms of which you will find at the top right hand side of the page. I do hope you find something which you like but please remember that most poems/verses can be adapted to suit different members of the family.

Below you will find a sample poem for each category followed by the link to further pages:-

No-one has a mother half as good as mine

 You can search the world over but no where will you find

A mother who always knows just what to do

 That person darling mother is no-one else but you

So on your birthday I really want to say

 Happy Birthday mom (mum) mam) have a great day

by Margmax 2010

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You guide and support me you really are a star

A wonderful father no-one better than you by far

You have always been my leading light and I am proud to say

 You are my dad, I love you loads - Have a great birthday

by Margmax 2011

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Father Birthday Poems

Twenty tiny fingers, twenty tiny toes

You have always been our perfect little rose

Enjoy your birthday party with all your little friends

We will do our best to make it perfect until the day ends


by Margmax

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Daughter Birthday Poems

Fireman Sam, Bob the Builder, Scooby Doo

We have played them all with you

But today fun and games will not stop

It is your birthday and son we will play until you drop

by Margmax 2011

On the day that you were born we were so very proud

 The proudest parents ever we shouted it out loud

So on this day every year we get the chance to say

Happy birthday our darling son we are thankful for this day

by Margmax 2011

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Son Birthday Poems

I am so glad I have a sister and that sister is you

 Your my sister and my friend and stand by me whatever I do

I love you my sister you are my best friend

So today on your birthday I am so pleased to send

This card full of wishes for a wonderful day

To a wonderful sister on her birthday

by Margmax

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Sister Birthday Poems Verses

Brothers can be a pest but mine is the best

As brothers go you really have stood the test

So on your birthday I just want you to know

I love you loads, I always have my little (big) bro'

by Margmax

family birthday poems

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Brother Birthday Poems

Grandma (Nana) I love you I truly do

 You make me nice things to eat and play with me to

 You hardly ever tell me off but mammy does quite a lot

 I love you loads your the best Grandma(Nana) anyone has got

by Margmax

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Grandma Poems

Grandfather (Granda) I love you honest I do

Without you in my world I would be oh so blue

You have been my playmate and my best friend

Although I know at times I must have driven you around the bend

 So today on the day your celebrate your grand age

Happy Birthday dear Granda as you turn another page

By Margmax

family birthday poems

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Grandfather Poems

Twinkle Twinkle little star

Look down on our little girl from afar

 Shine your light to make her day twinkle so bright

Our beautiful grand daughter our shining light


by Margmax

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Grand daughter poems

Our little boy is (5) years old today

Grandpa and Grandma are sending tons of hugs your way

We are also sending wishes that your day is so good

 With presents and games and lovely party food

 So enjoy your day and be a good boy

And I am sure you will get lots of new toys

by Margmax

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As aunt's go your really tops
Lots of fun and help your top of my pops
So today as you celebrate in style
Have a day that is best by a mile

by Margmax

I know just the best person in the land

Yes it is always you that I seek out

My Uncle (Fred) without a doubt

So today I am pleased to be able to say

A Very Happy Birthday - have a fabulous day

by Margmax

family birthday poems

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Aunt and Uncle Poems

You are my favourite niece you know

Always in my life and I have watched you grow

 Every birthday I have marked with pleasure

All memories with you I dearly treasure

 So once again as your birthday comes around

Darling girl have a day that is really sound

by Margmax

Rough and tumble little boy

Hope your birthday is full of joy

Joy is what you have always given me

I am the proudest Auntie (Uncle) you ever did see


by Margmax

family birthday poems

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Niece and Nephew Poems

family birthday poems

We are not only cousins we are also best friends
We played together as children and our squabbles we always did mend
Attending family gatherings is handy when you are related
And today is your birthday so it is one of those to be celebrated
So my dear cousin I wish you a wonderful birthday
And as usual I will help you celebrate today

by Margmax 2011

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Cousin Birthday Poems

And believe me it has been a pleasure not a chore to do
It has been easy to love you as my own offspring
Because of the pleasure and joy that you bring
So as usual on this day every year
Here is my greeting to show how much I care

by Margmax 2011

family birthday poems

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