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Dad I know I don’t often say to you
How much I appreciate all that you do
So today on your birthday I will say it one time
Your a great father figure you stand out in the line
by Margmax 2012

Father birthday poems

Dad it may come around every year
But that's great because I can show how I care
It gives me the opportunity to tell you in a card
What a wonderful dad you are - you work at it really hard
Whenever I need a helping hand you are never far away
I am proud to be your son/daughter - have a great birthday

by Margmax 2011

You guide and support me you really are a star
A wonderful father no-one better than you by far
You have always been my leading light and I am proud to say
You are my dad, I love you loads - Have a great birthday

by Margmax 2011

Zippidy Dippidy do da day here we go again it's your birthday
Once again it gives me the chance to let you know
You continue to be a super dad as I grow
So super dad have a super day
Enjoy it from start to end in every single way

by Margmax 2011

Daddy I love you lots and lots
You are the best daddy anyone has got
So enjoy your birthday
Do what you want mammy says she will pay

by Margmax 2011

Father Birthday Poems make his day

Daddy I have put lots of kisses on your card
I have tried to write my name and I tried very hard
Mammy helped me a little but not a lot
So I hope you like the card and the gift I got

by Margmax 2011

Hey dad today is the day I take you to the pub
I will buy the beers if you buy the grub
I am proud to take you for a drink with the lads
And prouder still to call you my dad

by Margmax 2011

Father Birthday Poems make his card special

Daddy I love you - you are a wonderful man
You play games with me and fix my toys when you can
Lots of kisses I have put in this card
I hope you like it as I tried very hard

by Margmax 2011

Birthdays come and birthdays go that's a reality
Plenty of yours have come and gone some a speciality
I wish for you my darling dad that every birthday be a winner
So just to make this one special I am taking you out to dinner

Do not panic, do not fret, you can leave your wallet at home
I said this one was special so I am bearing the cost alone
I will pick you up we will have a blast just you wait and see
I have not bothered with reservations as you don't need them at KFC

by Margmax 2011

As dad's go you are alright
You are usually around when things are tight
I probably do not tell you often enough
But dad it's good to have you there when things are rough
Have a good day

by Margmax 2012

Not many people can think of their dad as their mate
But doing things with you I really rate
So as today is your birthday I want to let you know
I appreciate your help your OK as dads go

by Margmax 2012

Pops you are the best
Through my life you have passed every test
Indeed you have excelled in the father stakes
So deserve the best birthday mom can make

by Margmax 2012

Pops you are the man
I know you always do the best you can
If you make mistakes you hide them well
Because they slip by us we can never tell

But today is all about you
To enjoy and choose what you do
So the wishes here are truly meant
Attack this day and make a big dent

by Margmax 2013

Dad on this day which is part of you
I wish you a wonderful day whatever you do
I hope that when the sun sets on this day
You can say “what a perfect birthday”

by Margmax 2014

let your father know how special her is with a Father birthday poem

Happy birthday my darling pop
I hope you day is way out on top
You make things special for all of us
So today it’s our turn to make a fuss

by Margmax 2014

Bank of dad is a wonderful place
and being able to go there is really ace
But spare a thought for poor old dad
Who looks ahead when he will be glad
that independence has arrived - hooray
Now he can enjoy his Happy Birthday

by Margmax 2018

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