Fathers Day poems and rhymes are ideal for personalising your greeting cards and gift cards. Suitable for small children or big children to make their father's day special. These can be adapted for a Stepfather or anyone who represent this role in your life.

Father’s day was first raised in Fairmont West Virginia on 5 July 1908 but a bill was not passed in American Parliament until 1913 to make it a public holiday this was not made a permanent holiday until 1976 by President Nixon.
We did not see it popular in the UK until the 1970’s.

Fathers day poems

When dad's were created it gave God a hard task
To make a perfect father was really a lot to ask
But if God had used you as a model for all men
The world would be a better place and at that I will say "Amen".
by Margmax 2011

My dad’s the best
I know ‘cause he’s passed lots of tests
I give him tests most days
In lots of little different ways

It keeps him on his toes you see
“cause it’s not an easy job looking after me
But mostly he comes through as a star
But sometimes I think I go a bit far

So if you love your dad like me
Take a look on this site, go on, look and see
Find the poem that suits your dad the best
Then for this day he will not call you a pest

by Margmax 2012

I am so very pleased to have this chance to say
I am so glad a few years ago they produced a father's day
It gives me the opportunity to tell you in a card
What a wonderful dad you are - you work at it really hard
Whenever I need a helping hand you are never far away
I am proud to be your son/daughter - have a great father's day

by Margmax 2011

fathers day poems for the special man who is dad

You guide and support me you really are a star
A wonderful father no-one better than you by far
You have always been my leading light and I am proud to say
You are my dad, I love you loads - Happy father's day

by Margmax 2011

Zippidy Dippidy do da day here we go again it's father's day
Once again it gives me the chance to let you know
You continue to be a super dad as I grow
So super dad have a super day
Enjoy it from start to end make it special in your way

by Margmax 2011

Hey dad today is the day I take you to the pub
I will buy the beers if you buy the grub
I am proud to take you for a drink with the lads
And prouder still to call you my dad

by Margmax 2011

Fathers day poems because he's special

It was not until I had a child I did appreciate
How hard it is to raise a child there is no lessons you can take
But if I do the job half as good as you
I will be very proud and I will follow what you do
Today gives me the chance to tell you how I feel
As a dad you are the best a dad who is surreal

by Margmax 2011

Father's day come and they go that's a reality
Plenty of yours have come and gone some a speciality
I wish for you my darling dad that every one be a winner
So just to make this one special I am taking you out to dinner

Do not panic, do not fret, you can leave your wallet at home
I said this one was special so I am bearing the cost alone
I will pick you up we will have a blast just you wait and see
I have not bothered with reservations as you don't need them at KFC

by Margmax 2011

My father, my hero, my star
You are the best father in the world by far
I was so lucky that mom picked you
As no doubt she had the choice of one or two

So here is a toast to a mom who chose well
And picked a mate who is pretty swell
And a toast to a guy who I am very glad
Just happens to be the guy who is my dad

by Margmax 2011

Hey dad Happy Fathers Day
Glad to have this chance to say
I love you loads you are a special man
You have always done the best you can

by Margmax 2011

Dad I am really glad to say
How lucky I am to have you as my dad so on this father's day
I will take this opportunity to tell you I am very proud
To stand and say this is my dad indeed I would shout it very loud

by Margmax 2011

Happy Happy Happy your day
With lots of love and fun along the way
Hope your day is just the best
Mom says it will be like all the rest

by Margmax 2011

The following for a stepfather or father role

You have looked after me as any good father would
And I love you just as a daughter/son should
I am proud to call you my dad
And that you came into my life I am oh so glad

by Margmax 2011

fathers day poems because he is special

Hey Pops it's your day
That means today everything is done you way
So until the clock strikes twelve
You get to choose so get that brain in a delve

Pub, golf, what's it to be
We can get a crowd or just you and me
Maybe you would like to be surprised instead
You look dumbstruck so will I take that as read

Give me a bit time and I will sort something out
I can organize things so don't look in doubt
I am sure this day will be one of your best Father's day
Just go with the flow and for once do it my way

by Margmax 2012

Fathers day poems tell dad how important he is

When dads were created you were first in the queue
because no one could have a better dad than you
So today gives me the chance to say
Dad you are one in a million have a great Father’s day

by Margmax 2014

For a Father who is no longer with us

On father's day every year
I still need to show how much I care
For a dad who was simply the best
And believe me I always put him to the test

So even though you are not here now to give your advice
You left behind a wealth of so much that was nice
So I hope I am carrying on your wisdom and fun
And it carries on through the generations and then some

by Margmax 2012

Fathers day poems make him feel loved

I don't need father's day to think of you
Dad I think of you in almost everything I do
When you left me I was bereft
But I knew I would never forget

Your zest for life and the things you taught me
A wonderful parent all who knew you could see
So as I pay tribute to you on this day of the year
I hope you are looking down to see how much I care

by Margmax 2012

Fathers day poems because it's his day

To me my dad is 10ft tall
But in reality he is quite small
To me my dad has the brains to
win Mastermind
But the pub quiz answers he fails
to find

To me my dad can fix anything
You just have to wait for him to find
the right fixing thing
To me my dad is a very special man
you see
Because I love him and he loves me

by Margmax 2014

You were always there when I needed you
Encouraging, supporting all the things I used
to do
Showing me the way to go
I was amazed at the things you would know

Dad will sort it I can hear myself say
and you did you know in your quiet way
So when it comes to this day of the year
I try to show you in my way just how much
I care
Happy fathers day to the Greatest Dad in the World.

by Margmax 2014

It’s wonderful having a dad
like you
Supporting, loving in all you
You may not think I notice
these things
So today is my opportunity
to thank you for all you bring

by Margmax 2015

Fathers day is an opportunity to say
How grateful us kids are every day
To have a father who is always around
and a one like you who is really sound

by Margmax 2015

Fathers day poems for that special dad

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