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Is it really 12 months since I did all these things?
Every year gets harder that’s what age brings
But I could not make the effort to say to you
Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year too
by Margmax 2012

Christmas spirit, Christmas wine,
Will the day turn out fine?
All the prep and all the plans
The day arrives, worn out, unfit for beast nor man
Over drinking, Overeating,
Resolutions take a beating
I promise myself next year will be a different tale
Sounds familiar because I say the same each year ...and fail
Hope your more organized than me
And your Christmas is the best it can be

by Margmax 2010

Christmas tree, holly and mistletoe
It’s that time of year so here we go
I wish you a Christmas of health and good cheer
Not forgetting the wine and the odd pint of beer

by Margmax 2013

Merry Berry Christmas I hope it’s devine
Sparkling and bubbly just like the wine
And for the New Year that is soon to be
May it bring you good health and wealth and the same for me

by Margmax 2013

Funny Christmas Poems to make the festive holiday fun

That time of year has arrived once more
When your hard earned money just flies out the door
Shopping for gifts you hope will do
Looking for inspiration to give you a clue
You shop and shop until the very day
And hope you have not forgotten anything along the way
So to make sure we do not forget to say to you
This card comes with love and best wishes for

by Margmax 2010

Ring the bells ding a ling a ling
At this time of year it’s carols we sing
So be of good voice and sing Christmas in
And look forward to what the New Year may bring

by Margmax 2011

Christmas is the time of year that drains our bank account
We make our lists to budget expense but it never works out
So we overspend and tell ourselves it’s Christmas after all
And decide not to worry until the bank manager decides to call
But my friend it’s Christmas so once again I want to say
A Very Merry Christmas have a wonderful day

by Margmax 2011

Cannot believe 12 months have passed since I did the Christmas thing
But here I am writing cards again and everything else that Christmas brings
Each year I swear I will organize myself and make lists a mile long
But here I am in the same old state singing the same old song
But the Christmas wishes within this card are sincere and truly meant
And once I manage to get to the post office they will also be truly sent

by Margmax 2011

Funny Christmas Poems why not pick a Funny Christmas Poem to send on all your Christmas greeting cards

Christmas day is almost here it's knocking at the door
So whatever has not been bought or done will cease to matter anymore
But sending out my Christmas wishes is one thing I will make sure to do
So my(friend/cousin/etc) I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a New Year that is wonderful to

by Margmax 2011

Christmastime ....
Here we go once more
Shopping, wrapping, cooking galore
And when the day arrives and we relax because it’s done
Remember it’s Christmas and it’s supposed to be fun

by Margmax 2012

S - is for Santa who brings presents by the score
A - is for the Christmas Atmosphere that we all adore
N - is for the first Noel and all the carols sung
T - is for the tree that we decorate with fun
A - is for All that Christmas means each year
So here’s a wish for a happy SANTA with lots of Christmas fare

by Margmax 2012

Here we are it’s Christmas and I want to say to you
Have you stuffed your turkey? and done all you need to do
Are you running around in circles like a hamster in a cage
Or are you all serene and calm like an actress on a stage

Have you hung the decorations and lit the Christmas tree
Wrapped all the presents and remembered one for me
It’s very nearly here time will not hold on
So hurry up for Santa or Christmas will have come and gone

by Margmax 2012

Funny Christmas Poems to give Santa a smile

Christmas - love it or hate it here it is once more
The event of the year which brings debt to your door
No matter how many lists you write and intend to maintain
Things never work out your lists are in vain

So when the big day is here
Just fill yourself with lots of good cheer
Be it from a bottle or from the buzz that the day brings
I wish you a Christmas full of wonderful things

by Margmax 2013

My Christmas Purse

Christmas is the time of year for love and good cheer
It is also a time of year that our purses fear
No matter how much money I feed into that Christmas purse
It flies out at such an alarming rate I can hear my purse curse

So I have decided this Christmas to be kind to my Christmas purse
I really am quite tired of hearing it groan and curse
So my Christmas present shopping I have decided this year will be
The tiniest bit of Christmas shopping you ever did see from me

But the love that is comes with is enormous
Merry Christmas (my friend/sister etc)

by Margmax 2013

Funny Christmas Poems at this jolly time of year why not pick a jolly Funny Christmas Poem

I wrote the following as my experience of my Christmas shopping. I am not suggesting you use for a card but thought you may find it amusing ...


My Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping a pleasure or a pain
I just can’t believe we are here again
Is it really 12 months since I last did this chore
and here I am again doing it once more

Knowing what the recipient wants helps a bit
It saves tramping around the shops you can even google it
You look for the bargains see who has it at a good price
And once you have found it if it’s in stock that’s very nice

You buy all the “things” and look for places they can be hidden
Under beds, in cupboards often forgetting what you bought (I do I’m not kidding)
Then comes the wrapping now isn’t that loads of fun
You panic because you need extra last gifts for some

Then you have to distribute the gifts before the big day
Arranging getting together with folk who are just as busy by the way
The day gets nearer cards and gifts are all despatched
Is that you relaxed no don’t be so daft

Now you have to shop for the Christmas feast
Fighting with other shoppers to get in all the treats
Terrified you forget something important like sprouts
No I am not kidding no Christmas dinner could be without

Christmas eve and your cooking and preparing for “the day”
Which duly arrives and everyone is merry and gay
You are cooking, perspiring and fretting that everything is done
Whilst making sure that your family are having fun

But I know this will be repeated for as long as I can
Even although I am not a big Christmas fan
For many people it is a very sad day
Spent on their own loved one’s gone away

So I have many people around my Christmas table
and I will do so for as long as I am able
So if you have a Christmas that’s a bit like mine
I wish you happy shopping and a wonderful Christmas time

by Margmax 2012

Funny Christmas Poems make your greeting cards original

To my friends and anyone else
I would like to say
I wish to you a wonderful merry
Christmas day
May you eat your fill and drink to
and may you fall asleep and wake up in
a mess

Then when the Christmas festivities come
to an end
Do not fret or worry one bit my friend
Because you have to recover to start over
once more
As New Years Eve comes knocking on your door

by Margmax 2014

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