Funny Valentine Verses

Funny Valentine Verses are a humorous collection of small verses/poems to use in greeting cards and gift tags. These are ideal for getting your interest across in a novel not to serious way.

If you say you will be my valentine
I promise to take you out to dine
We will eat the finest food and drink the finest wine
If you will only say you will be mine

by Margmax 2012

Valentine’s Day is for lovers old and new
You may be getting on a bit but I still love you
Age is not a barrier to us my love
The years have just made us comfortable like an old glove

by Margmax 2012

Roses are red violets are blue

 That is a very old one I will not use on you

 I will simply say - I love you completely

And just to prove it - I have written it very neatly


by Margmax 2011

Be my valentine - go on say you will

If you say no I will be so ill

I am sure you do not want to be responsible for that

So just say YES and we can make a pact

A pact to see how we are as a pair

I am sure we can find things we like to share

So give it a try - please do

Because I am sure we will get along me and you

by Margmax 2011

Funny Valentine Verses to send to your Funny Valentine

Chocolate is the food of love

They say it was sent from the gods above

I will feed you chocolate by the ton

If you say you will love me honey bun

Happy Valentine

by Margmax 2011

I send this Valentine card to you today
In the hope that you will look my way
Perhaps I should include a pair of glasses
So you can see me through the masses

Or maybe I should wear a single red rose
To identify myself using eye or nose
So look around carefully and I am sure you will see
Here I am, yes it really is little old me

by Margmax 2012

Today is the day that lovers declare
How much they love and want to share
Wishes and dreams of a future bright
Sometimes it happens and turns out alright

by Margmax 2012

I will be your damsel if you will be my knight
We can ride life’s road together through darkness and light
I will be true to you if you will be true to me
And together we can have a life of ecstasy

by Margmax 2012

Funny Valentine Verses to raise a smile

Will you be my sweetheart will you please be mine
Not just for today but until the end of time
By today’s standards that is often not for long
But you never know we may just get along

by Margmax 2012

I would give you my heart but then I would die
And that would make it useless to both you and I
So please accept this token which expresses how I feel
And if you feel likewise maybe we can do a deal

by Margmax 2012

Flowers are given as a token of love it is said
So I chose this card with flowers of red
These flowers will last forever you see
They won’t die like the florists - clever little me

by Margmax 2012

Funny valentine verses to help you charm your chosen one

I will be yours if you will be mine
Now and forever I will make your world shine
I will light up your life like a shining star
But if you switch me off I will look further afar

by Margmax 2012

Be my valentine please say you will
If you agree then I can chill
If you say no I will be devastated
But if you say yes I will be elated

by Margmax 2012

Today is for lovers of every kind
Young ones, old ones indeed anyone you may find
But I am so glad that I found you
Now I am sure nobody else would do

by Margmax 2012

Valentine Day has been celebrated for many a year
It's the day when lovers show each other how much they care
I care for you and you care for me
It's as simple as that for everyone to see

by Margmax 2012

If I was rich I would deck you in jewels
If I was a nobleman I would lay my cloak over pools
If I was a King I would make you my queen
If I was a movie star at my side you would always be seen

But alas a rich man at the moment is not me
And my bomber jacket would not cover many pools you see
Unfortunately my father was not born into royalty
But I will treat you like a movie star if you stick with me

by Margmax 2012

Funny Valentine Verses original, amusing valentine words

I will not say you are the only one for me
Because there are lots of people I have not met you see
But I will say I am so glad I met you
From the moment we met I knew you would do

by Margmax 2013

I may not tell you often how much you mean to me
But this day is a shake up and does make me see
I would be lost without you indeed I don't know what I would do
Because my darling wife/husband etc I really do love you

by Margmax 2013

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