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When you want to send wishes to someone who is ill it is often difficult to find the right words to say
You need to decide what approach is best maybe a heartfelt sympathy verse or perhaps a funny verse would be the best way
So I hope in this section I have given you a selection that covers all aspects of get well sentiments
So that the recipient receiving the message knows that your words are sincerely meant.

In this page you will find get well poems to cover every aspect. You will find poems said in a loving or funny way and you will find ones for people having had surgery or for a family member - father, mother, grandmother, grandfather, sister brother, son, daughter, children or even teacher.
I have given you a small selection of various get well poems in each category, however, there are many more available by choosing the link for the type of poem you require

Get Well Poems Verses get well poems verses

Within this card are wishes for you

That you will soon be feeling tickity boo

That your illness is soon a thing of the past

So please try hard to get better fast

by Margmax 2010

Hospitals are not nice places to be

I hope very soon we will see

You are back home where you belong

Feeling good healthy and strong

by Margmax 2010

Hope your surgery is soon over and done

As being in hospital is really no fun

But I am sure it will all be worthwhile

And you are soon back home resting in style

by Margmax 2011

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Hey heard you were feeling a bit blue

That's really not a good colour for you

Pink suits you better - it has to be said

So get feeling pink and out of that bed

by Margmax 2011

Hey you in that hospital bed

Was it something that I said

 When I said you should have some tests

 I did not mean you should have a lying in rest

 I simply meant get well quick

 Because you are no fun when you a sick

by Margmax 2011

Being sick is no joke

Although your illness may appear funny to some folk

But I promise not to laugh at you

Even though you cannot get your foot into your shoe

by Margmax 2011

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I hear you are covered in nasty spots and feeling rather ill

 I know you must be fed up because you can't get rid of them with a pill

 You could pretend you are in fancy dress and being Mr Blobby

Or you could just use the time at home to pursue a favourite hobby

by Margmax

If I had some fairy dust I would sprinkle it over you

To make you feel better and able to do the things you like to do

But as I have no magic you must do what the doctor (mammy)says

And then very soon you will feel better and able to got out to play

by Margmax

Being in hospital is not much fun

 You cannot go out to play in the rain or the sun

You have to stay in bed quite a lot and thats very boring and it makes you cross

But if you are good and do everything as you should

You will soon be back home and feeling good

by Margmax 2011

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(Miss Smith) I am so sorry that you are sick
I hope you get better very quick
Our classroom feels empty without you
Even though each day we have someone new
But things seem to be muddled and just not the same
So please hurry back so things get normal again

by Margmax 2011

Mommy says you have caught a bug

I am sure you will feel better if I give you a hug

So please come back to school I miss you so

If you are not there than I do not want to go

by Margmax 2011

We know that sometimes we are difficult to teach

But you have a knack and always seem to reach

 So we are missing you so much and sorry that you are sick

We are sending our best wishes that you are feeling better pretty quick

by Margmax 2011

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