Love Christmas Poems and verses to say to that special person in your life how glad you are to have them around at this special time of the year.

My Christmas is now magic because it includes you
It’s fun and it’s exciting sharing everything we do
So a very happy Christmas my darling I send this with love
and I know that Santa is watching peeping down the chimney up above
by Margmax 2012

Merry Christmas, my darling
Have a wonderful day
And the New Year we will celebrate together
In our own special way
Enclosed in this card
Are hugs and kisses galore
For every Christmas that passes
I just love you more

by Margmax 2010

On this our first Christmas together
My wish is that we are together forever
But this Christmas will be as special as no other can be
As this very first one spent with just you and me

by Margmax 2011

Love Christmas Poems for a snuggle up time of year

In this card is a great big Christmas hug and kiss
Sent to a Mr from his special Miss (mrs)
I know this Christmas will be special to you and me
It will weave it’s magic just you wait and see

by Margmax 2011

Christmas is a time of celebration and giving gifts
No matter how stressed you are when it arrives you get a lift
So my darling I will take this opportunity to say
How glad I am you chose me to share every Christmas Day

by Margmax 2011

Happy Christmas my darling man
We will have the very best Christmas that we can
When all the preparation is complete
We will toast in Christmas and put up our feet

by Margmax 2011

Love Christmas Poems for the love in your life

At this special time of year I am so glad to spend with you
Every minute of the Christmas time I love all the things we do
I hope that it never changes and it will always be like this
Happy Christmas my darling with a special christmas kiss

by Margmax 2011

I wish you a wonderful Christmas as wonderful as you
I know it will be special no matter what we do
And as the New Year approaches and we start a year anew
I hope it is a good one and shines on everything we do

by Margmax 2011

It’s Christmas so...
Ring my bell, tickle my tree
Christmas is so special now I have you and you have me
Spending this special time of year with you
Is just the best thing I could ever do

by Margmax 2012

I love Christmas and I love you
So this year Santa has a special job to do
So I have sent him a letter just to say
Santa this year we are a double act by the way

by Margmax 2012

It’s Christmas a time for cosy nights together
Good food, good wine, never mind the weather
So my darling here’s wishing you a winter of bliss
I have written it here and sealed it with a kiss X

by Margmax 2012

It’s that time of year again when everyone goes mad
But spending it with you, my love, makes me so very glad
You make my Christmas perfect in every single way
I love you so, my darling, happy, happy Christmas day

by Margmax 2012

Two Turtle Doves

Christmas is for lovers just like you and me
The most loving little turtle doves your ever did see
So from your little turtle dove I am sending you this wish
For the best ever Christmas and I have sealed it with a kiss

by Margmax 2012

Christmas You and Me

Bring out the holly
decorate the tree
Christmastime is here
time for you and me

Load up with supplies
goodies galore
No work for days
who could ask for more

Shut out the cold
it will not bother us
Cosy in our nest
no-one to make a fuss

Here’s to a Christmas
a one to remember
A Christmas just spent
with only us two as members

by Margmax 2013

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