Mother Birthday Poems will enable you to say nice things to the special person who gave you life. This will make your greeting cards special and unique and are also good for gift tags. These are all free for non commercial use.

As mother’s go you are top of the pile
Loving and generous doing things in style
So today on your birthday it’s my turn to say
I love you mum have a great birthday
by Margmax 2012

Mom (Mum) (Mam) as you celebrate your birthday today
I want you to know you are the best mom in every way
You are always there when I need you to be
Supporting, nurturing and generally looking after me
Today I wish you an awesome (wonderful) day
You really deserve it in every way
Happy Birthday Mom (Mum) (Mam)

by Margmax

Mammy you are the best mammy there has ever been
So I asked Daddy to buy you the best gift you have ever seen
So I hope you like your gift - Daddy said you will
If not, it's Daddy's fault, his idea and he paid the bill

by Margmax

Mother Birthday Poems because mother's are special

I was very lucky to get a mom (mum) (mam) like you
I often count my blessings - yes I really do
So on this day every year it enables me to let you know
You are such a special person - and I tell everyone so
Today as we celebrate with a glass of wine
I want you to know how glad I am you are mine

by Margmax

No-one has a mother half as good as mine
You can search the world over but no where will you find
A mother who always knows just what to do
That person darling mother is no-one else but you
So on your birthday I really want to say
Happy Birthday mom (mum) mam) have a great day

by Margmax 2010

Mother Birthday Poems because there is no-one like your mum

I do not often tell you how much you mean to me
So hopefully this card will really let you see
How much I appreciate all the things you do
It comes with lots of love and thanks for being you

by Margmax 2010

Mother Mother Mother of mine
I love you to bits mother devine
I am so glad God chose you to be my mum
Without you my life would be very glum
So on this special day I want to say
A very happy wonderful birthday

by Margmax 2010

Mother's birthday poems for a special lady on her special day

Hey mom (mum) today's your special day
I hope it's wonderful in everyday
As wonderful as the person you are
You are the best mum in the world by far

by Margmax 2010

Mother Birthday Poems sent with love

Mummy I love you lots you know
And I will love you more the more that I grow
So from your little boy/girl on this special day
Have a wonderful time 'cause daddy says he will pay

by Margmax 2010

Mothers birthday poems the most important woman in your life until you take a wife

It's your birthday whey hey
Do your thing and have a fantastic day
Go on a shopping spree, pamper day or lunch
Choose what to do although I have a hunch
You will end up doing what you usually do
Making sure the families sorted before considering you

by Margmax 2010

what to say to a special lady you have found it here with Mother birthday poems

Mother I love you I really do
There is no better mother in the world than you
I may not tell you this every day
But I think it's enough to say it yearly on your birthday

by Margmax 2012

This is a very special day
Why? because it's my mother's birthday
No-one could be happier as you can see
Because I got you and you got me

by Margmax 2012

I am sure I am not alone in having someone in a care home with dementia so these next two poems are for mothers in that situaton

Mum - although you may be unaware today is your (89th) birthday
So here we are gathered to wish you a day of doing what you may
That seems to be sleeping - it's now your chosen thing
But maybe your dreams are wonderful who knows what they bring

by Margmax 2013

Mum today is your 90th birthday
but you seem unaware
We bring our cards, gifts and
wishes to show we care
We hope in the world that you
are now living in
You realize you are still cared for
by your kith and kin

by Margmax 2014

Mum What Can I Say?

Mum what can I say ?
On this your very special day
I can tell you how much you mean to me
But I am sure you know that ‘cause it’s
plain to see

I can say how wonderful a person you are
better than any other mum by far
I can say you are so caring and kind
and however much you search better you
won’t find
I can say you are beautiful inside and out
and I will fight anyone who raises a doubt

But mum, mom, mother to me you are all
of these things
You brighten the day with all you bring
Love, compassion, kindness that’s you
and I really do appreciate all the things that
you do
A Very Happy Wonderful day is wished for a
very special lady.

by Margmax 2014

Today is special because it’s your day
So I am sending special wishes winging
your way
I hope today turns out to be
Wonderful and memorable just like you

by Margmax 2014

I got the gift and here is the card
What to write in it is a little hard
I would need to write a thousand things
To express all my wishes that your
birthday may bring
So I think I will say it very simply from
my heart
Happy Birthday dear mum may your day
be fantastic from the moment it starts

by Margmax 2014

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