Mothers Day Poems and verses for cards and gift tags. Tell your mother how much you care either with a funny poem or a meaningful verse. If you do not know what to say in your card then have a look here all verses free for non commercial use

It's Mothering Sunday so remember :-

A love that knows no bounds is the love a mother gives her child
She overlooks the imperfections however strong or mild
No other love is stronger than a mother’s love it’s true
So Mothering Sunday is your opportunity to give thanks for all they do
by Margmax 2012

Mothers Day Poems for Mammy, Mommy, Mam, Mum, Mom, Mumsy not forgetting Grandmothers Grans, Grannies, Nanna's and substitute mothers

No-one has a mother half as good as mine
You can search the world over but no where will you find
A mother who always knows just what to do
That person darling mother is no-one else but you
Happy Mothers Day

by Margmax 2010

I do not often tell you how much you mean to me
So hopefully this card will really let you see
How much I appreciate all the things you do
It comes with lots of love and thanks for being you
Happy Mothers Day

by Margmax 2011

Mothers day poems should you not be able t find a Mothers Day Poems to suit your needs check our birthday poems for mother

Mother Mother Mother of mine
I love you to bits mother devine
I am so glad God chose you to be my mum
Without you my life would be very glum
So on this special day I want to say
A very happy wonderful mother's day

by Margmax 2010

Mothers Day Poems because she is special

Hey mum today's your special day
I hope it's wonderful in everyway
As wonderful as the person you are
You are the best mum in the world by far
Happy Mothers Day

by Margmax 2010

Mum your magic
Even when I am being tragic
I know you are always there for me
That's why my mum is the best you see

by Margmax 2013

Hey don't forget Mothers Day Poems

Today is a special day for mothers
And my mother is better than any other
She is the queen of mums the very best
She looks after the family with little rest
So on this special day it gives me a chance to say
Mum we love you more every passing day.

by Margmax 2010

Mother's day poems for that day of the year - when you tell your mum how much you care

Mummy I love you lots you know
And I will love you more the more that I grow
So from your little boy/girl on this Mothers Day
Have a wonderful time 'cause daddy says he will pay

by Margmax 2010
16th Birthday Poems for special wishes

Mothers day poems because mothers are the most important woman in your life (except for wives)

Hi mum it's that day once more
When mothers need telling how much they are adored
I think it's the law that we are required to say
How much you are loved especially on this day

So here it is not written in stone but on card
You are a wonderful mother who tries very hard
To be a perfect mother each and everyday
So mum Happy Mothers Day have a blast of a day

by Margmax 2010

Mothers Day Poems when you need help to express in words

It's mothers day whey hey
Do your thing and have a fantastic day
Go on a shopping spree, pamper day or lunch
Choose what to do although I have a hunch
You will end up doing what you usually do
Making sure the families sorted before considering you

by Margmax 2010

I want you to know you are the best mom in every way
You are always there when I need you to be
Supporting, nurturing and generally looking after me
Today I wish you an awesome (wonderful) day
You really deserve it and I need to say

by Margmax 2011

I really do not need this day to show
how much you mean to me
I hope you know how special you
will always be
I was very lucky that the mother I got
was you
and I hope you feel the same about
this little offspring to

by Margmax 2014

Mammy, mother, mum
I have called you by all these names
As the years have rolled on and I
have moved on from childish games
But the one thing that will never change
is the love I have for you
So a very happy Mother’s Day continue doing
just what you do

by Margmax 2014

Mothers Day Poems for all mothers even yours

Mommy (Mammy) you are the best mommy (mammy) there has ever been
So I asked daddy to buy you the best gift you have ever seen
So I hope you like your gift - daddy says you will
If not, it's daddy's fault, it was his idea and he paid the bill

by Margmax 2011

I was very lucky to get a mom (mum) like you
I often count my blessings - yes I really do
So on this day every year I get the chance to let you know
You are such a special person and I tell everyone so
Today as we celebrate with a glass of wine
I want you to know how glad I am you are mine

by Margmax 2011

Mothers day poems for that once a year day

Well mother it's that day again - when we tender to your every whim
Well that's the idea of the day that we do our best to make it swim
But you know that your child is not perfect
There may be some errors which you may detect

But I know you will appreciate it is the thought that counts
Not lavish gifts and gestures which cost large amounts
So mother dear enjoy your special appointed day
And I will do my very best to keep out of the way

by Margmax 2011

You know I love you loads although I don't often say
But I do have a rule of showing you on this yearly mother's day
So today I don't want you to do any household chore
Just leave them until tomorrow what's one day or more

Dad can order a pizza and we can eat it out of the box
and then for pudding we can eat your box of chocs
A great mother's day I am sure you will agree
Because I have planned it so well as you can see

by Margmax 2010

Mom you are awesome and then some
Indeed you are not just my mom you are my chum
Always around when I need you to be
I love you loads as you can see

by Margmax 2011

Mom you are top of the pile
Good cook, good launderess and all done with style
I may not show how much I appreciate all you do
So I want to say now Mom I love you

by Margmax 2011

Mothers day poems for when you need a little help with words

If mom's stood in a line and I had to choose
Mom be certain you would not loose
Because I could not have chosen anyone better than you are
So I thank God (or dad) they chose you the best by far

by Margmax 2011

Mother's day has become a law
Yes it has become a day not to ignore
So as I do not wish to be sent to jail
Here is my gift as I have no wish to fail

by Margmax 2011

Mom's are around when you need them to be
It's just what they do it's a bit of a law you see
They put up with a lot from their offspring for sure
Although they would like to think their child is so pure

My mom is no different from all the rest
But I happen to think she is the very best
So mom on this special day of the year
I think I should show how much I do care

by Margmax 2011

Mothers day poems sentimental or amusing here they are

I am very glad this day is here it gives me the chance to say
You do so very much for me every single day
I know I do not tell you how grateful I am for everything you do
But mother dear on this day only I will say I really love do you

by Margmax 2012

A mother’s love is unconditional it often has to be
For I know at times it’s difficult to love a child like me
But your determination always gets you through
Mother I really am grateful for everything you do

by Margmax 2012

Love is beautiful, love is wonderful, love is you
A beautiful mother who does wonderful things to
So on this Mothering Sunday my/our wish for today
Is that you have a day that is special all the way

by Margmax 2012

You may be my mother but you are also my best friend
Shopping trips, girly nights, the list just never ends
You are always around when I need support
and I know I benefit from all the lessons you have taught

So on this mother's day as I do every year
I try very hard to show how much I really care
You are the best mum a girl could every have
and to be your daughter I am so very glad

by Margmax 2013

My wonderful mum what can I say
as we arrive once more on Mother’s day
I wish you a day as special as you
and thank you for all the things that you do
by Margmax 2014

It’s a good thing this day just comes once a year
I mean I do not have to keep telling you how much I care
You’re my mum so what else is there to say
I love you, you know it, have a great day
by Margmax 2014

When mother’s were handed out I think I was in front of the line
I got a good one that’s for sure and I am glad that you’re mine
So from your darling child on this Mother’s day
I love you mam not much else to say
by Margmax 2014

Not forgetting mother's who are no longer with us but who we can never forget - so following two for memorial mother's day

Mother’s Teachings

You taught me well I just want you to know
and I try to pass on your teachings to my kids as they grow
As a mom and a gran you were number one
It broke our hearts when from this earth you were gone

I hope you can look down on us from your cloud above
From there you will see how much you were loved
And as Mothers Day comes around once more
We will be saying a prayer for a mother who we still adore

By Margmax 2012

Mothers day poems because mothers are with you forever

As another Mother’s Day appears
Some will be sad and some will be cheered
Some will remember mothers no longer
with us
and some will be preparing to make a big

For all the mothers reading this rhyme
and for those whose mothers are in heaven
like mine
Remember as mother and child the times you
spent together
because when you are gone this day will go
on forever.....
HAPPY MOTHERS DAY (live in the moment)

by Margmax 2016

Mother - My Best Friend

Every year on this day
I feel so sad because you went away
You were so important to my life
Always there when I needed you day or night

Not just a mother doing things that mothers do
But my best friend and confidant too
I miss you so I always will
Because you left a void no-one can fill

Today when we celebrate Mothers Day
It has mixed emotions in many a way
Childhood memories of Mothers days past and gone
Brought up to date by your grandchildren’s new ones
Happy Mothers Day Mom

by Margmax 2012

My partner's mother is in a care home and I realized how this must be the situation for many people so I wrote the following:-

Today is Mothering Sunday but you no longer care
We visit and we tell you although you cannot share
But who knows maybe there is a moment in the fog of your mind
When you have a moment and a memory of a special time.

by Margmax 2013


You may not have given birth to me
But nevertheless you are the mother that I see
You act like my mom and I feel like your child
No mother could do more so today I won't hide
The love that I have for the lady you are
My wonderful substitute mom you are a star

by Margmax 2011

We cannot choose our mother that is true
But in our case you chose me and I chose you
How lucky for me the day you came into my life
My substitute mother always there for me day or night

by Margmax 2011

If I could choose a mother you know it would be you
You have always been around me never judging what I do
So today which is marked as a day mothers are admired
You are up there with the best of them and as my mother you are hired

by Margmax 2011

mothers day poems written for her to be given by you

Mothers day poems for young and old

This poem was written by request for a daughter and daughter in law

Mothers day gives me the chance to say
You are a wonderful daughter (in law) in every way
When you became a mom I knew
You would make a wonderful job of that to

by Margmax 2011

Flowers remind me of you mother dear
Colourful, delicate, sweet and for me always here
So on this day every year I will give you flowers as a token of how much I care for you
Because I know through the year I do not acknowledge the loving things that you do

by Margmax 2012

Roses are red violets are blue
This bouquet is to show how much I love you
Every bloom is special as special as the person it's for
Because it was chosen for my (mum)who I simply adore

by Margmax 2012

Remembering Grandmother in Mothers day poems


You are my mother's/father's mom but you have done everything for me
Played the role of mother and grandmother for the whole world to see
So on this yearly date when mothers receive thanks for being them
I will always make sure to thank you again and again and again

by Margmax 2012

Gran you are my second mom always there for me
I love you loads and loads and I hope it's plain to see
You support us all with help and your little kindly ways
So it is just right we thank you on these mothering sunday's

by Margmax 2012

Always there when needed that's what my (Nan) means to me
Listening to our troubles the solution to which she always can see
The mainstay of the family always looking out for us
So on this Mothering Sunday it's our turn to make a fuss

by Margmax 2012

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