New Home Poems - moving house here you will find verses/poems for greeting cards enabling you to personalise and make your message of welcome and good luck unique and these are all free for non commercial use

This little card is simply to say
May your new home bring only good things your way
and once you have settled in your new little nest
Put your feet up and have a little rest
by Margmax 2012

You have a new home - how great is that
A lovely new abode in which to hang your hat
I hope the move goes smooth and without any hassle
And you have happiness and good luck in your own little castle

by Margmax

This card is sent simply to say
I wish you lots of luck as you approach your moving day
It is a very stressful time packing up and making such a move
But I am sure it will be worthwhile as time alone will proof

by Margmax

Packing cases and boxes I bet you are fed up
Making the move without any stress needs organisation and luck
But I am sure it will be worth it when everything is done
Then you can enjoy your new abode and fill it will fun

by Margmax

I wish you luck in your new abode
I hope you have happiness, health and good fortune by the load

by Margmax

Having a new house is exciting and fun
It can be hard work but eventually everything is done
Then you can relax and enjoy the rewards
of that nice new house that is all yours

by Margmax

Moving again itchy feet you
Always looking for pastures new
I hope this new house is the one you will adore
So you do not have to move anymore

by Margmax

Home is where the heart is that is very true
So I hope your heart is happy and the rest of you is to
May your new home give you contentment in every single way
These are the wishes I am sending you today

by Margmax 2011

Good luck in your new home we hope it proves to be a star
Shining like a beacon always welcoming you home from afar

by Margmax 2011

A home of your own at last
Living with parents a thing of the past?
We wish you well for the future and hope it works out
Because now you will know what running a home is about

by Margmax

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