Niece and Nephew poems gives you sentiments to use in greeting cards which are free for non commercial use. These verses enable you to let your loved one know how important they are in your life

Having you in my life is just so wonderful
You have brightened up days that once were very dull
Sharing in your birthdays is a joy to behold
and I have enjoy each one as it unfolds

by Margmax 2012

You are my favourite niece you know
Always in my life and I have watched you grow
Every birthday I have marked with pleasure
All memories with you I dearly treasure
So once again as your birthday comes around
Darling girl have a day that is really sound

by Margmax

Hello little girl who is (3) today
I am wishing you a wonderful fun birthday
Enjoy your day with all your new toys
And have a wonderful party with all the girls and boys

Your Auntie (Mary) is sending you today
Lots of hugs and kisses for a great birthday

by Margmax

Niece and nephew poems make their cards special

Having you around has always been a pleasure
Being part of your life is something that I treasure
Every birthday that you have spent I have been proud to say
Happy Birthday my wonderful niece have a great birthday

by Margmax

Darling girl I love you so - you are my little star
Spending time with you outweighs everything by far
I hope the birthday fairy has visited you today
Waived her wand and sprinkled fairy dust along the way

Everything you wished for I am sure has arrived
And your birthday celebrations your mum (mom)has survived
So to my favourite niece I send my birthday wishes
for a wonderful day full of everything delicious

by Margmax

Niece and nephew poems to let them know they are special

A little bit of magic I am sending you today
Because it is your birthday I will cast my spell your way
I am your adopted auntie and very proud to be
As you are so very dear to me as everyone can see

by Margmax

How have you got to be (30)? how the years have flown
My little niece companion now has a family all of her own
We have spent many years enjoying things we have done together
So I wish you loads of happiness today and forever

by Margmax 2012

Niece and Nephew Poems to help you send them wishes in a novel way

Rough and tumble little boy
Hope your birthday is full of joy
Joy is what you have always given me
I am the proudest Auntie (Uncle) you ever did see

by Margmax

Happy Birthday little boy
Hope your birthday brings your favourite toy
Auntie (Mary) is trying her very best
To pass the "toy of the moment" test

It is so hard to keep up with you
Every day it is something new
But I will keep on trying to get the right thing
Because of the love and joy that you bring

by Margmax

Spending time with you is always a pleasure
And gives me a lifetime of memories to treasure
Every birthday that you have spent I have been proud to say
Happy Birthday my wonderful nephew have a great birthday

by Margmax

From the day that you were borne I have loved you so
You are my wonderful nephew and I have watched you grow
I have been so proud to be part of your life as the years have past
And I am so glad that the role of your Aunt (Uncle) I was cast
So birthday boy enjoy your day and all the things it brings
I hope the years ahead always bring wonderful things

by Margmax

Birthday time has arrived once more so once again I will take this chance to say
I wish you dear nephew a wonderful day
And that the year ahead holds wonderful things in store
and every year that follows improves more and more

by Margmax 2012

I wrote the following for my nephew who is always tinkering with car and motor bike engines (the card depicts this) and it enclosed a £5 note

Tinkering with engines your keen to do
So here’s a one that’s wishing you
A birthday that is as good as it can be
and here’s some help to have the first drink on me

by Margmax 2013

Christmas has just gone by and a New Year
here once more
So here we are in January your birthday
again at the door
Time goes so quickly that we often forget
to say
How much I think about you my Nephew
Happy Birthday have a wonderful day.

by Margmax 2014

Birthdays come and birthdays go
Far to quickly the older you grow
But nephew no matter what the
I will always wish you Happy Birthday
once more

by Margmax 2015

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