Teacher Poems and verses for cards and gifts when a teacher is leaving or when a student/pupil is leaving a class or school or for the funeral of a teacher . These verses will help you make your farewell special.

If you miss your teacher or want to wish her well
Here you will find words to help you tell
So show your appreciation for all she has done for you
By sending here a greeting card show she knows your view

by Margmax 2012

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Teacher Leaving

So sorry you are leaving us to go to pastures new
We will all really miss you because we like the work you do
We wish you success and a future that is bright
As a teacher and a person we found you to be alright

by Margmax

We have heard that you are leaving and that makes us sad
You are one of our favourite teachers and your lessons are not bad
We hope your future pupils are half as good as us
That will take a bit of doing because you will agree we are 'A' plus

by Margmax

teacher poems for your favourite teacher

Some teachers have a gift to teach
A talent for explaining in a way that they can reach
That talent (Mrs Jones) has been given to you
Whenever you give a lesson you always get through

That is why we are so sad at this moment in time
To hear that we are loosing a teacher so fine
We wish you well and success in all you do
But we also wish to say we will really miss you

by Margmax

Why are you leaving - what did we do?
If we were naughty we promise we will be good for you
Please do not leave us we want you to stay
If you do we will work harder and not waste time in play

by Margmax

Pupil Leaving or Moving on to another class

You have been a brilliant teacher and I am sorry to leave you
No-one could fill your shoes no matter what they do
I know I have to move on and cannot stay with you forever
But please do not forget me as I will forget you never

by Margmax

teacher poems I am sure your teacher will be impressed with a teacher poem

Can I stay in your class please (miss) can I
If I have to leave your classroom I know that I will cry
Mommy says I have to because I cannot stay with you forever
She says I am a big boy/girl now and I have to get more clever

by Margmax

Thank you for teaching me you have been a star
I will be lucky to find another teacher as good as you are
Teaching is a vocation so you must enjoy what you do
I have enjoyed learning with a teacher who is as good as you

by Margmax

It is easier to learn when you are enjoying being taught
I feel I have learnt a lot because of the way the subjects were brought
And that is all down to you with your teaching skills I know
So thank you for the foundations you have laid I hope I can make them grow

by Margmax

As I move from the student to the worker
I would like to thank you for encouraging me not to be a shirker
Your encouragement has helped me more that you will know
To complete my education now my career is set to grow

by Margmax

Gained my diploma I often had my doubts
I am sure you did too because you often give way to shouts
You were right I deserved it I needed to be told
If you had not made me stick at it this diploma I would not be able to hold
So thank you for the trouble you often took with me
It was worth all the effort for both of us you see

by Margmax

teacher poems for help to say the right thing

School days are the happiest days of your life - they are not
This well known phrase came from where - I know not
Am I sorry to e finished with school days - I am not
Will I miss the teaching staff - not a lot
Is there anything I will miss - Yep you - thank you (name) for making schooldays bearable

by Margmax

As I leave this school I leave behind many things
School books, sport stuff and whatever youth brings
There are many important people that I have met along the way
And one of them is you and I would simply like to say
Thank you for your help I may not always have seemed glad
But you have been a brilliant roll model and I did not turn out that bad

by Margmax

Funeral of a Teacher

As a teacher you were the best
You really cared and stood out above the rest
I never saw goodbye being this way
I always thought you would be here like any other day

This school has lost a role model that cannot be replaced
And I have lost a teacher in far too much haste
Your lessons will remain with me all my life
So please look down and see this as we say goodnight

by Margmax 2011

You will be missed that is sure
For all our problems you had a cure
This school will never be the same
It will always echo your name

by Margmax 2011

Teacher Retiring

So you're hanging up your gown and hat
No more nine till four and all of that
Can you cope with having no classroom strife?
What are you going to do for the rest of your life?
Hobbies perhaps is the thing to do
Now you've got time just for you
The place will not be the same
When we no longer hear your name
For someone who worked extremely hard
All our best wishes come with this card
A Very Happy Retirement

by Margmax 2009

At last you get to leave school
No more work for you ain't that cool
You can spend your days doing what you wish
Sounds good but you will be sorely missed

by Margmax 2013

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