Teddy Bear Day - send a card or gift with a teddy bear poem. A cuddly teddy bear is the ideal way to show someone how much they are loved and cared for.

Teddy bears are the cutest of gifts
They cannot fail to give folk a lift
So here are some ideas for your greeting cards
Hopefully making your gift giving not so hard

by Margmax 2012

This Day is celebrated on 9th September.
Teddy Bear Picnic Day is celebrated on 10th July

We have President Theodore Roosevelt to thank for the origins of the Teddy Bear. Whilst on a hunting trip in November 1902 in Mississippi most of the hunter's had caught an animal and so that the president would have a successful hunt a few of Roosevelt's attendants cornered an American Black Bear clubbed him and tied him to a willow tree inviting the president to shoot the bear. Roosevelt refused stating that it was unsportsmanlike to shoot a sick captured animal. He instructed that the bear be put out of it's misery.
This incident caused many cartoons which made the bear smaller and cuter. From this Morris Michtom was inspired to make a new toy which he put into the window of his shop labelled "Teddy's Bear" after seeking permission from the president to use his name.

So why not send a teddy bear card to your nearest and dearest showing them how much you care and to help you here are some verses you may wish to use:-

When we want to show someone we care
We give gifts and cards of cute cuddly things like a teddy bear
So how much you mean to me is plain to see
Because of this (card)(gift) to you from me

by Margmax 2011

When we were young we had many toys
But most popular child's gift was a teddy bear for both girls and boys
And as we grow we hold onto our childhood bear
Which was always given with tender love and care

If you did a survey I am sure the result would be
Every household has a teddy bear even if you cannot see
How could we ever part with our childhood bear
That was given to us with such tender love and care

by Margmax 2011

Teddy bears do anything you want them to do
They cuddle you, eat with you and go to bed with you to
You can take them on vacation or on a picnic to the park
They will always be around keeping you company even in the dark
So if you feel a little frightened remember who to find
Your very own cuddly teddy bear who will never be unkind

by Margmax 2011

Teddy bear day - what a cute idea

Every year in July all teddy bears disappear
But you always know where to look for them at this time of the year
You will find them having picnics in the local park or woods
Because on the 10th day of this month they do just what they should
They celebrate their Picnic Day as all good teddies do
So remember on this day they will not be there for you

by Margmax 2011

I know you love your teddy bear
Because you take him with you everywhere
New toys may be added to the pile
But their novelty only lasts awhile
Teddy always wins through in the end
I think he will always be your friend

by Margmax 2011

Teddy Bear Day

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