The Best Friend is the fourth story in Amy's life and a continuation of The Mail when Amy received a letter from her best friend with whom she had lost contact. Amy did not know how to explain to her friend her life situation and here you will read what happens when she answers Sarah's letter.

The Best Friend
(continuing story to The Mail)

Amy was dusting and as she moved the clock on her sideboard the pile of mail which these days was always present came into view. Behind the clock was the place she would put mail which needed attention and lately this always consisted of unpaid bills or demand letters for outstanding bills. However today the envelope which came into her view was the letter from her friend Sarah. Amy picked up the envelope and with a sigh sat down on a chair pulled the sheet of paper from the envelope and re-read the typed sheet for what seemed to be the hundredth time. Sarah had been Amy’s best friend and Amy thought they would never be parted they had been friends since junior school, done everything together. They had been each others bridesmaid when they wed and only lost touch after Sarah left the area when her husband was promoted in his job. Amy always knew Sarah would do well she was a “go getter” Amy’s mother’s words not hers. When she married Steven it was clear their lives would not mirror Amy’s and Tim’s. Now Sarah was coming home and she wanted to pick up their friendship. Amy had received the letter almost two weeks ago and had delayed replying but she knew she could delay no longer and she had to address the situation.

When Amy had first received Sarah’s letter she had talked over her problem with her dear friend Mrs Brown. Although Mrs Brown had recently entered Amy’s life after meeting Amy in the local supermarket and sharing with Amy her good fortune in winning an enormous hamper on being the millionth customer of the store Mrs Brown had become an important part of Amy’s life. Mrs Brown in her very practical way had said if Sarah is really a dear friend she will understand and support your present situation so just tell her how your life is at he moment. If she does not support you then her friendship is not genuine and not worth having. Amy had tried several times to answer Sarah’s letter and with each attempt she had ended up with balls of paper in the bin but today she would do it she decided so on this determined thought she brought the writing pad and pen from the sideboard drawer and sat at the table and started with “My dear friend”.

After almost an hour and several screwed up sheets of paper Amy decided she had a letter which was as good as it could be. So before she could change her mind she took one of the stamps which she bought each week for Tim’s job applications and stuck it onto the envelope. She put on her coat and shoes and hurried to the mail box popping in the letter before she could have second thoughts. Walking back home she did feel better that it was done and was no longer one of the things she had to fret about.

Three days after Amy posted her letter to Sarah she was rushing around doing household chores when the doorbell rang. Amy looked at the clock she only had half an hour before she had to pick up the children from school but all her regular visitors came to the back door only salesmen came to the front so I will ignore it she decided. The doorbell rang again and Amy went to the window and peeped around the curtain. There stood a young woman very smartly dressed yes thought Amy someone selling something but as she let the curtain fall back the young woman turned and Amy saw the face of her best friend Sarah. Without a thought Amy reacted immediately by rushing to the front door and after unlocking and pulling it open she saw Sarah at the gate. “Sarah” shouted Amy “Oh Sarah”. Sarah turned and with a beaming smile ran towards Amy flinging out her arms.
Sarah stood at the school gates with Amy they had never stopped talking from the moment they flung their arms around each other.

Amy sat sipping tea with Mrs Brown the following day she had not been able to wait to relay to her the meeting with Sarah. “You were right Mrs Brown” Amy said “Sarah did understand because she is not coming back home because of Steven’s promotion but because he has lost his job the company has gone into receivership.” “Sarah wrote her letter to me but could not bring herself to write the true situation so we are actually in the same boat so to speak”. “Yes the truth is always the best way dear” Mrs Brown said lifting her tea cup “you will be able to help your friend guide her through the problems of managing on a restricted budget. “I will won’t I” smiled Amy “I never thought about that and Tim will be able to help Steven with Jobcentre stuff”. “It will be good to have my best friend around again but can I bring her to our little tea breaks?” Amy said remembering how good Mrs Brown had been to her. “But of course dear I would miss you terribly if you stopped calling and three heads solving problems are better than two” Mrs Brown said smiling. “I could never stop visiting you Mrs Brown you have been like my fairy godmother” Amy said as she took the old lady’s hand.

to be continued....

by Margmax 2011

The Best Friend The Best Friend The Best Friend The Best Friend

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