Valentine Poems

Valentine poems verses and rhymes for greeting cards and gift tags. Make that message to your loved one original and special and make her/him think how much you have thought about your message of love. Not forgetting our loved ones that are no longer with us in Valentine Memorial Verses. These are free for non commercial use.

Roses are red violets are blue
Here’s some valentine verses just for you
Be sure to choose the best one you can
Just to make sure you hook your man
by Margmax 2012

Saint Valentine's Day known as Valentine's Day is an annual event held each year on the 14th February by lovers to celebrate their love.

Quite a few legends exist as to the origin for St Valentine
One legend that he was a roman who was put to death for refusing to give up christianity and that he died on 14th February 269AD
The legend continues that St Valentine left a note for the jailer's daughter whom he had befriended and that he signed the note "from your Valentine".
Another legend states St Valentine served as a priest at the temple during the reign of Emperor Claudius and Claudius had Valentine jailed for defying him in 496AD and Pope Gelasius set aside February 14th to honour St Valentine.
I think I like the jailer's daughter legend best.

In the U.S Miss Esther Howland is given credit for sending the first valentine cards. Commercial valentines were introduced in the 1800's and now it is the most popular time for lovers to express their feelings. So here is a little help to write those special words......

Valentine Poems verses for that special person in your life or the one you hope to be

The following are suitable to be sent to either sex:-

I gave you my heart many years ago
And from the start my love continued to grow
On this day of the year it is appropriate to say
I love you my valentine - Happy Valentine's day

by Margmax 2011

Love can be wonderful, exciting and warm
It can also be miserable, depressing and do us harm
My love for you has filled my life with happiness
As we build our life together I hope happiness is more and sadness is less
So on this day when lovers have their say
My darling, I love you always not just on Valentine's day

by Margmax 2011

Valentine Poems for your loved one

Next one should be sent with either a single rose or a number of roses

Flowers can convey what people want to say
The type and colour of the flower simply points the way
The flower of love everyone knows
Is always, without a doubt, a red rose
So flower(s) please do what you are designed for
Then my love will know how much she(he) is adored

by Margmax 2011

Roses are red violets are blue
That is a very old one I will not use on you
I will simply say - I love you completely
And just to prove it - I have written it very neatly

by Margmax 2011

Valentine poems verses because you need a valentine poem/verse to write to your loved one

Be my valentine - go on say you will
If you say no I will be so ill
I am sure you do not want to be responsible for that
So just say YES and we can make a pact
A pact to see how we are as a pair
I am sure we can find things we like to share
So give it a try - please do
Because I am sure we will get along me and you

by Margmax 2011

The shops are full of lovey dovey things
Because it’s what this day of the year brings
Hearts and roses, teddies and chocs
So sending you this is no big shock

But if I forgot I would be in trouble I know
So here you are put it on show
Let the world know how much you mean to me
But I better get one in return to keep it company

by Margmax 2014

valentine poems verses pick a one that suits you best

Take a look into my heart and there you will see
How very, very much you really mean to me
I have never felt like this before
You truly are the one that I adore
So on this Valentine's day please say you will be mine
Because you are my wonderful, ideal Valentine

by Margmax 2011

Valentine day is the day of the year
When lovers surface to declare
How they feel about another
Giving them the opportunity to discover
If feelings will flourish and grow
As they spend time together and get to know
If they are compatible and can be a pair
And therefore build a life to share
So be my valentine my love
To see if we fit together like a glove

by Margmax 2011

Valentine Poems for that special person

Chocolate is the food of love
They say it was sent from the gods above
I will feed you chocolate by the ton
If you say you will love me honey bun
Happy Valentine

by Margmax 2011

The following is to send to a female:-

You are a sexy, beautiful, wonderful girl
From the day we met you put me in a whirl
A whirl of emotions I have never felt before
You are my Valentine girl who I simply adore
So on this day when lovers give their heart
My heart belongs to you - may we never be apart

by Margmax 2011

Can you live without a heart? I am sure you can
Because I gave my heart to you
so now I am a heartless man
Maybe we swopped hearts and
so I have your heart too
I know my heart still says ..
I love you x x

by Margmax 2014

No-one can resist a Valentine Poems

I will be your valentine if you will be mine
We can celebrate with romantic dinners and bottles of wine
We can travel the path of wedded bliss
And you can be a Mrs instead of a Miss
So say you will be my Valentine
Because I have booked the dinner and ordered the wine

by Margmax 2011

The following is suitable to send to a male
My love, my love, my wonderful guy
If I had a fortune for you I would buy
The moon and the stars but probably that would not do
You would likely want a car or two
But I have not got a fortune I am as poor as can be
So can you just settle for little old me?

by Margmax 2011

You are the man for me of that I have no doubt
My heart began to flutter from the first time we went out
I may not often tell you how much you mean to me
But I hope on this day you can now see
I love you I truly, really do
So my darling Happy Valentine's day with lots of love from me to you

by Margmax 2011

Valentine poems verses because it's the day of lovers

From the moment I spied you I knew
I fancied you like mad it is true
Although you dallied and played hard to get
I knew I would succeed so did not fret
So here we are (10) years down the line
And you are still my wonderful Valentine

by Margmax 2011

In the beginning we did not gel
But it did not take that long before I fell
For your personality and other winning ways
So on this day when lovers have their say
I love you truly my Valentine
So p-l-e-a-s-e say you will be mine

by Margmax 2011

Right from the very start
I looked at you and lost my heart
Now that is a painful thing to lose
So please have mercy and choose
This broken hearted poorly sole
So once again I can be whole

by Margmax 2011

I am so pleased Valentine Day is here
Now I can say how much you mean to me my dear
My life was boring and dull before you came along
Now it is bright and cheerful all day long

by Margmax 2012

I used to think Valentine's Day was a commercial con
But since you have been in my life I am happy to play along
I can see the merit in telling the person you hold dear in your heart
So this card comes with all my love may we never be apart

by Margmax 2012

Valentine poems verses for the big romantic gesture

That bloke called Valentine did not realize what he started
When he left a love message for his sweetheart he was quite broken hearted
On his way to the gallows he wrote about his feelings
And thousands of years on it has became massive retail dealings

So to keep with the original tradition I decided no massive expensive retail rubbish I would send
A simple love note from the heart that is what Valentine obviously did intend
So here it is written How much you mean to me
You don't need expensive roses because I am sure from this you can see

by Margmax 2012

I love you so, I think you know
Do you love me too, as much as I love you
I hope you do, please give me a clue
Say you will be mine, until the end of time
Then I can be a very happy Valentine

by Margmax 2013

We do not say it - perhaps we need to?
At least once a year - will that do?
It should be more - do you think so?
So I will say it now - although you know
I Love you - Happy Valentine’s Day

by Margmax 2013

Valentine Poems to help you

Not forgetting the married folk:-
I am so glad I married you
Without a doubt it was the right thing to do
I know I do not often tell you so
How much I love you - but I think you know

by Margmax 2014

I took a risk on the main decision of my life
I said I do when you asked me to be your wife
I had my doubts as most people do
But I am so glad that I said “I do”

by Margmax 2014

The day we wed was my perfect day
No day could surpass it in anyway
We agreed to spend our life together
and the sunshine and storms we have weathered
On this day meant for lovers true
I just want you to know how much I still love you

Happy Valentine’s Day my love

by Margmax 2014

Valentine poems verses
Valentine Memorial Poems when we no longer have a loved one by our side it does not stop us loving them which is why I have written the following:-

I'm glad I married you.
No-one else for me would do
We had many happy years
We argued but we loved and cared
And I am grateful for all the time we shared
Happy Valentine's Day my beloved

by Margmax 2012

Valentine Poems verses are all here for you

You Took My Heart

From the start you took my heart
I knew we would never part
We had our up's we had our down's
We had our laughs we had our frowns

Life sailed along like a lovely song
Until that day when it all went wrong
You left me, my life went astray
and now I'm alone every day

I look at photographs and shed a tear
Life now holds for me a lot of fear
Without you by my side
I no longer have a friend to guide

My darling mate life dealt us our fate
No more for us a Valentine's date
But on this day since you've been gone
I raise a toast to our favourite song

by Margmax 2012

This day of the year which used to be dear to me
Now holds a sadness you are no longer here to see
I am so grateful for the time we shared
and I should have told you more how I cared

Perhaps you can see how much you are missed
Perhaps you can feel when your photograph is kissed
I hope you can which is why on Valentine's day
I still write a card and put it on display

by Margmax 2013

You have been my Valentine for
a longtime now
But I still look at you and think Wow
I love you just as much today
But in a more mature kind of way

So Happy Valentine Day once more
To my long time love I still adore
You still make my heart skip a beat
ain’t that kind of neat

by Margmax 2015

This is the day for lover’s they say
So as your love Happy Valentine Day
I hope I remain your love for all time
Is that good for you ‘cause for me it’s fine

by Margmax 2015

That guy Valentine has a lot to answer for
All he did was leave a letter and nothing more
Today to plight your love it’s money and stress
‘Cause if you forget are you in a mess

I does my best I hope it’s good enough
If it’s not well honey that’s tough
So here’s to a simple wonderful night
Tell me did I get things right?

by Margmax 2015

I would give you my heart
but then I would die
and then there would be no
you and I
So please know that I mean
it when in this card I say
I truly love you come what may

by Margmax 2015

Today is the day for love
it seems
When men become Kings and
women become Queens
Only in the eye of the one who
loves them most
So to my (King/Queen) I raise
a toast
Happy Valentine Day my love

by Margmax 2015

Today is all about flowers and hearts
It’s the day for lovers as soon as it starts
So this card comes straight from my heart
with wishes of love - may we never part

by Margmax 2015

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