Wedding poems and rhymes to send your best wishes to the happy couple on their wedding day - for your free non commercial use for cards, gifts etc

The day has arrived it's here at last
You will soon be a couple the scene is cast
Let me add my best wishes for a future of married bliss
Remember there is a lot of healing done with a kiss
by Margmax 2012

Thought this gift would stretch a lot more
If I made it for the most popular store

by Margmax 2010

You are a smashing couple that I am proud to know
I would like to wish you well today toast a love I know will grow
And as you make this commitment on the day you say I do
May every day stay special as you increase from being two
(May every day stay special for the both of you)

by Margmax 2010

Exchanging rings is symbolic and nice
Followed by cake all white and iced
Here is a toast to the happy pair
Wishing you many years ahead to share

by Margmax 2010

Wedding Poems for the happy couple

Congratulations and best wishes to both of you today
We would like to add our wishes for a future perfect in every way
And when life has it's up's and down's just remember this
There is nothing that can't be mended with a sorry and a kiss

by Margmax 2010

Congratulations on your Wedding day
You are a perfect couple in every way
Wishing you a future that is shiney and bright
For all the days ahead and not just tonight

by Margmax 2010

Wedding Poems to make your gift perfect

May you have success in whatever you do
May your future be bright and sparkling just like you two

by Margmax 2010

Know you do not need useless gifts
So thought you could have a bit of a lift
With an M&S Dine in for two
Or whatever else you may choose for the two of you
Have a wonderful Wedding Day

by Margmax 2010

As you both make this commitment today

To travel together down life's pathway

(Our)(My)wishes are with you for a wonderful life

As you are betrothed to become husband and wife

by Margmax 2009

These next two are from one fiance to the other

Today we make a commitment which we know is for life

As we start down the road to becoming husband and wife

It's not been easy to find my soul mate

But with you i knew on our very first date

So as we exchange rings I want to say

I am the happiest (girl)(boy) in the World today

by Margmax 2009

My darling man

Understand if you can

You mean the World to me

And I want all to see

As we commit to becoming man and wife

I will love you completely for the rest of my life

by Margmax 2009

The following was written on request for Goddaughter's wedding:-

I have followed your progress from child to adult
Honoured to do so and delighted at the result
To be your godparent has been a joy day by day
A pleasure I have treasured in every way

I am so happy to witness your day as a bride
When dear (Mary) I will look on with pleasure and pride
I wish you a life that’s as happy as your wedding day
and I wish you a wedding day that is perfect in every way

by Margmax 2012

Just wanted to add our best
wishes to your day
May the memories stay with you
through life’s bumpy way
We hope the sun is shining down
on you
Just to complete a perfect day in
a perfect venue

by Margmax 2014

This date is so special now
to both of you
It has become a yearly celebration
for you two
So my wish for you both on
this your Wedding day
Is that every anniversary makes you
feel as happy as today

by Margmax 2014

The church bells are ringing loud today
As two special people have vows to say
As you speak the words which are in your heart
May your heart hold them tight and never let them come apart

by Margmax 2014

A special day for a special pair
The ultimate act to show how you care
I wish you happiness may your cup overflow
and I am sure together you will make it so

by Margmax 2014

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